Rogue Cinema – February 2015

An Interview with Calvin Weaver
By Kirsten Walsh

Calvin Weaver is a man with a vision. His breakout short film “Night Out” took home a gaggle of awards at festivals around the country, and left him wanting more. His second film “Sleepwalker”, pulled no stops-and it hasn’t even been released to the public yet! Read…

Rogue Cinema Mid-Term Examination: Forbidden Planet
By Phil Smolen

This month, Phil Smolen put together a fun exam to test your knowledge of that ever awesome classic, Forbidden Planet.  Take the test and see how much you know about this wonderful old film. The answers will be published in next month’s issue. Read…

Sleepover Girl Announcement:

The Sleepover Girl feature will no longer be a monthly feature in the magazine.  I will however include Sleepover Girls in future issues whenever we have someone who applies to be featured.  In other words, the feature isn’t going away completely, it’ll simply be relegated to a “whenever we have one” status.  I would still encourage anyone who’s interested to apply and we’d be happy to feature you in a future issue.

If you or anyone you know would like to become our next Sleepover Girl, there’s a whole info page set up to let you just how to go about it. So check it out and get in touch with us today.  You could be the next Rogue Cinema Sleepover Girl! Read…


I Love Bad Movies
By James A. Roberson

Also, check out James’ homepage for more comic goodness.

Also in this issue…

The Superman Curse?! This was actually supposed to be a real thing. This month, independent filmmaker Jason S. Lockard takes a look at the first two times The Man of Steel appeared on the big screen, with our star of the month, Kirk Alyn. Read…

Plus reviews of:
14 Days54 Days6-6-66 (Parts 1 & 2)Ashes of EdenAt the Earth’s CoreBarty CartyBattledroidBeing YoungBetter Living Through ChemistryBlack Mountain SideBlood Night: The Legend of Molly HatchetCropseyDerangedDon’t Look in the BasementGhosts of Empire PrairieGirl HouseGirls Gone DeadHaunting of Cellblock 11How I Dumped My Ex-Boyfriend’s BodyHully Gully (An American Romance)Malleus MaleficarumMy Father, My DonNight of the Living Dead: ReanimatedPiracyPlato’s Reality MachineRealm of SoulsReboundScream ParkSick: Survive the NightTake a PennyThe Girl Who Wasn’t MissingThe Movie ExtraThe PiratesThe SessionTrancers 2Variations on Charlotte’s AfternoonVioletsWrath of the CrowsWrestling with SatanZombie Undead

Comic Review:

Calavera The Undead #3