Rogue Cinema – October 2015


Psycho (1960): 55th Anniversary – Influences Transcending Time
By Baron Craze

Alfred Hitchcock’s film Psycho has left an indelible mark on American horror for 55 years now.  This month, Baron Craze takes a look back at one of the most famous and influential horror films of our time. Read…



Magnificent Movie Monsters Decade by Decade – Part 2
By Philip Smolen

Phil Smolen is back with the second installment of his look at his favorite movie monsters from each decade. This month, Phil looks at the 1960s. And while this decade didn’t have as many good monsters as the 1950s, there were still some very special creature flicks playing at the cinemas. Read…



Sleepover Girl Announcement:

The Sleepover Girl feature will no longer be a monthly feature in the magazine.  I will however include Sleepover Girls in future issues whenever we have someone who applies to be featured.  In other words, the feature isn’t going away completely, it’ll simply be relegated to a “whenever we have one” status.  I would still encourage anyone who’s interested to apply and we’d be happy to feature you in a future issue.

If you or anyone you know would like to become our next Sleepover Girl, there’s a whole info page set up to let you just how to go about it. So check it out and get in touch with us today.  You could be the next Rogue Cinema Sleepover Girl! Read…




I Love Bad Movies
By James A. Roberson

Also, check out James’ homepage for more comic goodness.

Also in this issue…
This month Jason Lockard concludes his look back at the epic Back to the Future time travel trilogy with Back to the Future III. Read…

Plus reviews of:
American DreamerAngelic WolvesBiteBlood PunchBloodsucking BastardsBoris Karloff CollectionCannibal FeroxCome Back Mr. BuleCrime and PunishmentD4DemonicDevil of Blue MountainFinal GirlFra AskenHouse of Horrors: Gates of HellLong WeekendMadmanMonument Men: The Road to RushmoreNavy SEALs Vs. ZombiesRandomSpaced InvadersStand Up GuyTailypoThe Creature With the Atom BrainThe Curse of Downers GroveThe DrownsmanThe EditorThe Green InfernoThe Last HitThe Long AwakeThe Phantom of the OperaThe ThrobbitThey Hide Among UsTotal PerformanceWastelandWhat Jack BuiltZach & TravisZombie Resurrection