Rogue Cinema – January 2016

Star Wars Reflection
By Kirsten Walsh

Sitting in the theater could easily be explained as a romantic experience, sharing it with close to 200 people who all were on pins and needles to see what crazy outlandish adventure the crew of the Millennium Falcon could possible get themselves into. But then the movie started, and for Kirsten, it split into two very different directions. Read…

Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror 35th Anniversary
By Baron Craze

Baron Craze takes a look back at the zombie film Burial Ground, 35 years after it’s debut, and explores just what it is that’s given this particular film such a longevity with its fans. Read…

Dracula: Prince of Darkness – 50 years later, Chrisopher Lee Lives On
By Baron Craze

As all cinema and horror fans know, Christopher Lee passed away in 2015, and it feels only fitting that the best way to start 2016 is by honoring this classic horror movie of his from 50 years ago, released on January 12, 1966. Read…

Best and Worst of 2015
By Jim Morazzini

This month, Jim Morazzini gives us a list of the ten best and five worst films that he saw in 2015.  I personally have seen only one of the films he has on his list, but I heartily agree with his assessment of it. Read on to find out if any of your favorites, or least favorites made the list. Read…

Sleepover Girl Announcement:

The Sleepover Girl feature will no longer be a monthly feature in the magazine.  I will however include Sleepover Girls in future issues whenever we have someone who applies to be featured.  In other words, the feature isn’t going away completely, it’ll simply be relegated to a "whenever we have one" status.  I would still encourage anyone who’s interested to apply and we’d be happy to feature you in a future issue.

If you or anyone you know would like to become our next Sleepover Girl, there’s a whole info page set up to let you just how to go about it. So check it out and get in touch with us today.  You could be the next Rogue Cinema Sleepover Girl! Read…


I Love Bad Movies
By James A. Roberson

Also, check out James’ homepage for more comic goodness.

Also in this issue…

This month we conclude our look back at the original Star Wars trilogy with The Return of the Jedi, featuring star of the month Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford. Read…

Plus reviews of:
A Plague So PleasantAmerican MuscleBorder City Wrestling: East Meets WestBorder City Wrestling: ExcellenceCaesar & Otto’s Paranormal HalloweenCatch My SoulCondemnedCowboys Vs Dinosaurs – Goal of the DeadHaunting at Foster CabinHow to Save UsKrampusLily Grace: A Witch StoryNight of the Living Dead: Darkest DawnShark LakeStar Wars: The Force AwakensThe DiabolicalThe Phantom from 10,000 LeaguesThe SandThe VisitantTurkey ShootYongary, Monster From the Deep

Comic Reviews:
Pinochio Vampire Slayer Versus the Vampire Zoo