Rogue Cinema – February 2016


The 3rd Annual PS Awards: A Look Back at Eight Fabulous Indie Flicks From 2015
By Philip Smolen

It’s the New Year which means that it’s time for Phil Smolen to pick out his favorite indie flicks from 2015. This year he has selected eight super cool films that knocked him for a loop. So check it out and add these indie wonders to your must see movie list. Read…



Dracula (1931): The 85th Anniversary of Gothic Horror
By Baron Craze

Baron Craze takes a look back at 85 years of Dracula, and the impact this most devilish creature of the night has had both on us, and our culture. Read…



Instantly Dated

By Chris McQ

Instantly Dated is a new feature here in the magazine.  It’s a video podcast from the awesome mind of Chris McQ, in which he looks back at all things retro.  Everything from movies, to video games, to pop culture.  To kick off this new feature, we have five episodes for you this month!

Best Space Western Ever
Christmas Toys from 1983
David Hasselhoff’s Lightsaber Battle
Star Trek’s Scotty in a Star Wars Ripoff
What Happened to the Noid?



Sleepover Girl Announcement:

The Sleepover Girl feature will no longer be a monthly feature in the magazine.  I will however include Sleepover Girls in future issues whenever we have someone who applies to be featured.  In other words, the feature isn’t going away completely, it’ll simply be relegated to a “whenever we have one” status.  I would still encourage anyone who’s interested to apply and we’d be happy to feature you in a future issue.

If you or anyone you know would like to become our next Sleepover Girl, there’s a whole info page set up to let you just how to go about it. So check it out and get in touch with us today.  You could be the next Rogue Cinema Sleepover Girl! Read…




I Love Bad Movies
By James A. Roberson

Also, check out James’ homepage for more comic goodness.

Plus reviews of:
AlienatedAll Hallows’ Eve 2Are We There Yet?Broadfoot’s Magical AdventureDog DayzDon’t Look in the Basement 2FPS: First Person ShooterHeirJeruzalemLegends of the Squared Circle Vol. 5MartyrsNight of the Living RelativesNightmare CodeNo WomanPlanet VoidQueen CrabRadioactive Flesh Eating FoliageRerunRowsSilent RetreatSorority Horror HouseSuburbaniteThe Best of Big Time WrestlingThe Burnnie ShowThe Carnage CollectionThe Clone TheoryThe Dead InsideThe EnemyThe Giant ScorpionThe Horror NetworkThe InhabitantsThe Monster That Challenged the WorldUncagedValor’s Dawn

Book Review:
Dinosaurs, Dragons & Drama Part 2: The Siege

Television Review:
Legend: The Complete Series