Rogue Cinema – August 2016


An Interview with Ellen Gerstein
By Philip Smolen

Ellen Gerstein has done it all. She studied acting with Lee Strasberg, appeared in many movies and TV shows including “Shameless”, “Southland” and “Friends” and has also found great success as a writer, director, producer and composer! Last year Ellen directed and starred in the international award winning short film “Come Away with Me” which was one of Phil Smolen’s favorite movies of the year. Phil needed to find out more about this fantastic movie, so he reached out and spoke to Ellen about the film and her career. Read…



An Interview with Graham Skipper
By Baron Craze

Graham Skipper is an actor who previously worked on Joe Begos’ horror film, Almost Horror (2013), and is now starring in his latest production, The Mind’s Eye (2014). Baron Craze recently had the opportunity to interview him, to find out about his latest film and what else he’s up to. Read…



An Interview with John Speredakos
By Baron Craze

John Speredakos, a talented actor of stage and screen portrays the incredible role of Dr. Michael Slovak, in director Joe Begos’ The Mind’s Eye (2015), while seeking to capture the powers of psychokinetic capabilities. Read…



The Pit and the Pendulum (1961): 55 Years of Swinging Terror
By Baron Craze

Would you please, join Mr. Vincent Price, down in the exercise room?  He’s dying to torture your body and assist you in losing that extra weight.  Of course you might suffer, but every reward has its price. Read…



Hold That Ghost: A Firm 75 Year Grip
By Baron Craze

Hold That Ghost has maintained a firm grip on slapstick and wordplay, and for the past 75-years Abbott and Costello have continued to deliver the humor to all fans of classic cinema. Read…



Instantly Dated

By Chris McHugh

Instantly Dated will be returning to us next month with an all new format!  Be sure to check back next month to see what’s new and exciting with this great show from Chris McHugh.




I Love Bad Movies
By James A. Roberson

Also, check out James’ homepage for more comic goodness.

Also in this issue…
Classic Cinema continues it’s look back at comic book movies from yesteryear. This month we bring you possibly one of the most reviled films of all time, Howard the Duck. Read…


Plus reviews of:

Accidental ExorcistAll Girls WeekendAll Hell Breaks LooseAmerican Rodeo: A Cowboy ChristmasAustraliensBenjaminBunniChandu the MagicianConsumptionDoctor Butcher M.D.EliteGirl ClownHell-BentHunt for the WilderpeopleIn the DarkJudge ArcherKidnap CapitalKung FoolLa Rage du DemonMenphis Wrestling YearbookMilk Men: The Life and Time of Dairy FarmersModel HungerShark Exorcist Smile Again Jenny LeeSoulmatesTerra FormarsThe Crimson Dance / Never Tear Us ApartThe Dooms Chapel HorrorThe Love WitchThe Mark of ZorroThe Mind’s EyeThe PurgationThe Wolf and the BabyTowerTwenty Twenty-FourWannabeZomblies