Rogue Cinema – February 2017

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The 4th Annual PS Awards: A Look Back at Eight Incredible Indie Movies from 2016
By Phil Smolen

It’s awards season once again which means that it’s time for Phil Smolen to wax poetic about his favorite Indie flicks from 2016. Eight entries comprise this year’s PS Award Winners and they range from slick dramas to over-the-top sci-fi flicks. So click here if you want to discover some true indie cinema gold! Read…



An Interview with Dean Bertram
By Baron Craze

Dean Bertram, a well-known festival director, gave us a wonderful insight to his events, especially his new one called MidWest WeirdFest. Read…



Freaks (1932): 85-Years of Macabre Beauty
By Baron Craze

85-years ago Tod Browning presented this movie to show who the real monsters of society were, however the message was lost on the audiences, today now honored the Macabre Beauty exists for all to decide for themselves who truly are the Freaks. Read…



Return to Horror High: Class in Session
By Baron Craze

Some school days bring happiness, and others bloody nightmares, at this school the curriculum kills the students, visitors find themselves slaughtered, graduation near impossible – a 30-year reunion just murder. Read…



Instantly Dated: Pac Man Jakks Pacific Plug and Play
By Chris McHugh

It’s one of the most amazing plug and play systems Chris has ever used. It’s the Namco Classics Pac-Man plug and play made by Jakks Pacific. Read…



I Love Bad Movies
By James A. Roberson

Also, check out James’ homepage for more comic goodness.

Also in this issue…
Classic Cinema returns with another look at a superhero movie from yesteryear. This month the movie that made us believe a man could fly; Superman: The Movie! Read…


Plus reviews of:

Beyond the ThrillCapture Kill ReleaseCircus of the DeadContaminationDead WestDon’t Let the Evil InEliminatorsFists of FuryLeftoversMeowMurderlustNight JobNight of Something StrangeParasitesPitchforkProject NightmareScavenger HuntStrykerThe BeastThe Deja VuersThe Lonesome LassThe Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss OsbourneThe Wax MaskThey Plot By NightTurnabout

Television Review:

The Addams Family (Complete Series)

Comic Review:

Ghostbusters Annual