Rogue Cinema – March 2017

An Interview with Michael Nardelli
By Baron Craze

Michael Nardelli sits down to discuss his latest film, The Tribe, from director Roxy Shih, which already garnished four wins and one nomination on the festival circuit. Read…



An Interview with Tom Costabile
By Baron Craze

This month we catching up with Tom Constabile, the director of the horror film VooDoo, and learn all about his filmmaking passion. Read…



The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942): 75th Anniversary
By Baron Craze

An abnormal brain is still causing havoc and misunderstandings with both the villagers in the movie, and with the fans of the Universal Monsters. Read…



Instantly Dated

By Chris McHugh

This month on Instantly Dated, it’s Freedom Rock!  Remember that old commercial with the two hippies from back in the eighties?  Well, just in case you don’t, Chris McHugh is going to bring back some fond memories for you. Read…




I Love Bad Movies
By James A. Roberson

Also, check out James’ homepage for more comic goodness.

Also in this issue…
Classic Cinema returns with another look at a superhero movie from yesteryear. This month we look at the sequel to the original man of steel movie; Superman II. Read…


Plus reviews of:

A Figure LoneA HomecomingA Lotta LifeA WeekendBlood and Black LaceBloodrunnersDeath Walks TwiceDefariousDefending the ChastityDelugeDesertedDevils in DisguiseDo You Dream In Color?Dr. Orloff’s MonsterDrive In MassacreImmoral TalesJoe BulletKinnariMy Father’s ToolsOne Million Years B.C.Palace of FunShut Up AnthonySisters of the PlagueSpider BabySquaresThe Creature BelowThe HarrowThe Mason BrothersThe Neon DeadThe SurvivorTone DeathWill ReadingWolf HouseYour Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key

Comics Reviews:

Blood of Dracula (Full Series)Star Trek New Visions: SamX-Files Origins

Book Review:

The Legacy

Soundtrack Review:

Dead West