Rogue Cinema – October 2016

An Interview with David Greathouse
By Baron Craze

David Greathouse both starred in Tom Nagel’s ClownTown as Baseball Clown. David also recently starred on Syfy’s reality series “Face Off” during their fourth season, displaying his sculpting and prosthetic skills. In addition, he enjoys acting, and has played many roles throughout his career. Read…



An Interview with Tom Nagel
By Baron Craze

After viewing the ClownTown, Baron had the opportunity to speak with the film’s director, Tom Nagel. It was his directorial debut, so you know he had lots of interesting things to say about the experience. Read…



An Interview with Vito Dinatolo
By Baron Craze

Vito Dinatolo, is the director of Face of Evil, which soon to starts its festival run. Baron recently had the opportunity to speak with him about his latest film and his filmmaking style. Read…



The Evil Dead: 35 Year Old Evil Never Dies
By Baron Craze

It was a time when a cabin in the woods, generated a cascade of enjoyment for horror fans. Through the use of a smart story, a capable cast and crew, and lots, lots of blood and gore, the end result was 35 years of deadite mayhem. Read…



The Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival
By Jim Morazzini

Now in it’s seventh year, the Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival will be held this year from October 19th to the 22nd in the Broadway Theater in Saskatoon SK. Jim managed to attend the last two days of last year’s festival and had a blast, which is why he’s looking forward to being there for the whole thing this year. Read…



Instantly Dated

By Chris McHugh

Instantly Dated is back!  So head on in and check out all the retro goodness that Chris has for us this month. Read…




I Love Bad Movies
By James A. Roberson

Also, check out James’ homepage for more comic goodness.

Also in this issue…
Classic Cinema continues its look back at comic book movies from yesteryear. This month, we bring you Batman The Movie, from 1966. Read…


Plus reviews of:

2 Jennifer3147 Meters DownBack Home Years Ago: The Real CasinoBack in TimeBBBetween the Fire and the StarsBiteClownTownDeathgasmDon’t BreatheDoomed:  The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four – Guys and Girls Can’t Be FriendsHalloween PartyHard Target 2Hectic KnifeHurricaneInstruments of EvilJune Falling DownKickboxer: VengeanceLeopardLunaMeridianMost Likely to DiePatternsReviled: Episode 2RorschachScience FictionShadows FallSpaghettimanStrayThe Earth Dies ScreamingThe HollowThe MutilatorThe Opera SingerThe PitTrouble ManUnattended Item

Television Review:

Coach: Seasons 1 and 2