0, 1, 2, 3, 1, 0 – null, eins, zwei, drei, eins, null (2010) – By James Dubbeldam

0,1,2,3,1,0 is a 10 minute experimental short film written, directed and produced by Dick Jane.

The film begins slowly with an eerie introduction of superb yet creepy music and German narration (English subtitles) while we watch a possible (probable) suicide. It’s dramatically set up as flashbacks illustrate the events leading up to the current, until everything “rewinds”- allowing the story to unfold.

Amazing sound design ties this creative, artsy film together in a captivating visual experience. The odd yet alluring narration of a man and woman over stylistic shots of life, death and pain lace the story together beautifully.

When certain shots and visuals become close to repetitive, the film shoots off in a different direction, leaving you wondering what’s going to happen next and how the story is going to unfold to the eventual conclusion.

I’ve watched hundreds of short films, but never seen anything like this. It’s style, the colors, the “feel”. It fits together tightly, never drifting too far. It almost feels like a damn good music video with a solid story.

If I had to offer suggestions I would say that it was a tad bit long and could benefit from some trimming; but that being said never lost me as the viewer. I also WANTED to see more of the “wife”, (played by Graseila Andrade) to learn more about her and study her face. She’s not the focus of the film (yet she is), and I kept hoping to look into her eyes and “feel” her pain. I felt as if the film lacked the attachment to her character which would have pulled the viewer further into this film experience.

Overall the film is exciting, it’s stylish, it’s creative, artsy, experimental but never takes anything too far (a good thing). It’s a visual roller coaster, an interpretation of pain and death like you’ve never seen it before.

Keep an eye out for the next exciting Dick Jane film.  You can find out more about this film and his other work at http://www.dickjaneland.com.