10 Items or Less: The Complete Series (2006-09) – By Jason S. Lockard


In the end of November 2006 a partly scripted, partly improvised comedy series created by Nancy Hower, Robert Hickey and John Lehr entitled 10 items or less first took the air on TBS and ran for 3 seasons. Now thanks to Mill Creek Entertainment you can own all three seasons on one collection.

The series stars co-creator John Lehr as a failed New York City businessman Leslie Pool who moves back to his hometown of Dayton, Ohio to take over the family supermarket Greens and Grains, following the death of his father. Because all he ever wanted was his father’s approval.

This is a unique show by the creators as an overall story arc is created, however, scripts are not shown to the actors. They are only provided with a loose outline of the plot. Dialogue is improvised by the actors. The series was filmed in a real grocery store called “Jon’s” in Reseda, California and often with actual customers used as extras.

This 3 disc dvd set includes all 21 episodes of this short lived series. The first disc is season 1 (5 episodes). The 2nd disc is season 2 (8 episodes) and the third disc season 3 (8 episodes). The audio and video quality of the episodes on these DVDs are great.

This is a very funny series but it is good to note this is a series with adult themes so this is not for the kids. But I’m sure mom and dad will love it!

So if you are a fan of 10 Items or less or just want to uncover a funny improve style series this series is a must have. Head over to www.MillCreekEnt.com or your local video provider and pick this one up today!

Moral Rating: Adult situations
Audience: teens and adults
Genre: comedy
Length: Over 7 hours
DVD Release: 2016
DVD Rating: B+