227: Season 1 (1985-86) – By Jason S. Lockard


The world marveled at the quick wit of Marla Gibbs as Florence who traded insulting jabs with pint size dynamite George Jefferson! Years later Marla would get her chance to lead her own series! Now thanks to the fine folks at Mill Creek Entertainment we can own the complete first season of this series on DVD.

Marla Gibbs series 227 is a hilarious look into the family life in a Washington, DC, apartment building. Saturday night which was once a night for everyone to go out now was a time to stay in and watch the antics of housewife Mary Jenkins and her close-knit circle of friends and neighbors, as they get into every kind of mishap imaginable.

Just some of the episodes that stood out for me in this first season was “A letter to the President”, where Mary writes a letter to the commander in chief about pot holes on the street! “Football Widow” Mary is disgusted that Lester, her husband spends most of his time watching football so she decides to get tickets to a game and go with him! Only think is she knows nothing about football and chaos ensues in the stadium. “Pick Six” Mary gets on her soap box and preaches to her friends about spending their money on the lottery, but she soon seems to be a hypocrite when she gets the gambling fever too. The final standout episode was “Mary’s Christmas” Mary has Lester’s company help move their church to a new lot and they loose the church!

The supporting cast of characters in this series are a great blend! From the outspoken older Pearl who takes nothing from no one! To the wise Rose who seems to always have the right thing to say. Than there is Sandra the man crazy, pompous lady who seems to always get what she wants.

This was a time of comedy when the whole family could sit down around the tv and enjoy time together and it still is enjoyable even after 30 plus years! This two disc DVD set includes all 22 season one episodes. The quality of these episode on these dvds are really good. And for less than 15 dollars for an entire season! I highly recommend it.

So if your a fan of classic sitcoms this is an absolute must add to your collection. Head over to http://www.millcreekent.com/227-season-one.html or your local video provider and pick this one up today!
Moral Rating: nothing offensive
Audience: families
Genre: comedy
Length: almost 9 hours
DVD Release: 2017
DVD Rating: A+