We at Rogue Cinema are very excited to announce our first and official movie night concept. Since we are a well known reviewing website, it is obvious that we have the capability to present the best movies ever made. We are extremely aware of successful movies, but also the ones that didn’t passed our reviews. This is why we will use this information in order to help movie enthusiasts like us! Every 6 months, Rogue cinema will organize a special movie night where we will present the best recommendations, located in a real historical cinema. The cinema called Views is situated in an almost theatral building, which will definitely suit the entire movie experience for our guests. The concept of our movie nights is based on watching movies together as an audience, just like we experienced a few years ago. With today’s technology and streaming services, these precious moments seem to be forgotten.

So with this new concept, we will dive into the old fashioned themes, iconic pop corn snacks and a lot of entertainment. The impressive cinema will immediately will give you a movie-scenery kind of feeling and that is exactly what we would like to present. Rogue Cinema always dreamed of an event like this, but wasn’t able to actually pursue this idea due financial issues. Now, we have found an investor who is willing to support us. The company 24 Option decided to help us in order to set up the event, which felt like a dream come true. The owner of 24 Option who Became A Self Made Millionaire Online is also a movie enthusiast and a dear personal friend. He always had a big interest in the traditional cinema concept, but got really disappointed when the new technology took over the entertainment industry. Instead of going to the cinema, more people choose to watch a movie at home with the help of a streaming service.

We are not able to stop today’s technology, but what we can do is to show people the authentic idea of watching movies. Visiting a real cinema can be such an eye-opener and we would like to convince other people, so that they can look at it the same way as we do.

There are still a lot of movie lovers enjoying the experience of going to a real cinema. In order to meet these kind of people halfway, Rogue Cinema and 24 Option decided to develop the ideas for the movie night. The development process of our new concept is still ongoing, but will be launched as soon as possible. We can ensure all visitors and guests a movie experience of a lifetime, something they have never experienced before! As soon as the details are published on our website, the event tickets will be available for purchase. During the movie nights we will present the latest blockbusters, all time classics and iconic movies. If you interested in knowing more about the movies that we would recommend, you should read our personal reviews first. Here you can find reviews about movies such as The Help, Blackfish, Hearts and Minds and our all time favorite 12 Years a Slave.