5 Souls (2013) – By Brian Morton

What would you do to save your own life? It’s a good question, and one that’s been asked over and over for years. Well, a new movie from Brett Donowho, 5 Souls, gives us one man’s answer!

5 Souls is the story of Noah, he’s an architect who’s about to get married, but he’s put off getting the shots that he needs for his overseas honeymoon. So, instead of spacing out the injections, he gets them all at once and the reaction puts him in a coma. But, he’s not really out, his soul is being tested by Satan, Noah must kill 5 people in order for him to wake up and survive! Can Noah really kill 5 people that he doesn’t know?

5 Souls is a bit deeper than my description, but to tell you more would ruin a perfectly creepy little film. The story here is terrific, the battle for someone’s soul is always interesting and, as we all know, any deals made with Satan ALWAYS have string attached, strings that are usually used to strangle you. I’m giving 5 Souls 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a great movie on so many different levels, it’s a good horror flick, it’s an excellent morality tale and it’s just a good life lesson. It’s definitely a movie that you’ll love! Save your own soul and grab a copy for yourself now over at http://www.inceptionmediagroup.com.