7th Day (2013) – By Brian Morton

Serial Killers seem to surround us….at least on film. And, sometimes, that’s not such a bad thing. If it’s done right, a low budget serial killer movie can be a true thing of beauty…and gore. Well, Jason Koch has managed to capture a piece of a truly terrifying soul with his new movie, 7th Day.

Allen appears, on the outside, as just a weird little busboy at a small restaurant. But, Allen believes that he’s destined for great things…great, dark things. You see, Allen enjoys killing people, or, as he calls it, selecting them. It’s a compulsion that he believes makes him better than others, he thinks that he sees reality, where others see just the surface of things. Well, Allen is in love with the waitress at his restaurant and thinks that he can win her over, if he can just finish his ‘mission’. He gives himself a week to finish and win her over…and things start getting stranger!

7th Day is one of those ‘peek inside the mind of a serial killer’ movies, but done in a slightly different way. Allen is giving an interview to someone (or something) that only he can see…a horrific presence with a microphone. And, as he explains his tortured reasoning to this creature, we get to see inside his mind, it’s a truly original and interesting way to do something like this.

I’m giving 7th Day 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s dark, it’s disturbing and it’s just what you’d want in a serial killer movie. The story is great, the acting in amazing and it’s a movie that you definitely want to see for yourself! Find out more over at http://www.direwitfilms.com.