8 Butterflies – By Josh Samford

How does one go about describing 8 Butterflies? It is in essence a very experimental short film that lasts only 17 minutes. However, defining just what it is or what one should derive from it is an entirely different subject. If you are a David Lynch fan and have seen his short films, you can imagine exactly what is going on here. An incredibly dark and brooding piece that seems to focus on a woman, a man and their travels through a very dark and morbid world. Featuring a scene of rebirth, from an oozing and organic textured ball, there is a lot of things happening in the short that don’t open themselves up directly for interpretation. However, the one thing that anyone can grasp at almost immediately is the intense visual quality of the project. An astonishing visual piece of artistry, the short plays out in both black and white as well as the colored format. A mix of filters and noir-lighting helps solidify it as a true punch to the solar plexus in terms of its visual appeal. I would dare say it is one of the best looking independent shorts I have seen!

The brilliant photography and post production work is complimented by the outrageously fast editing. A mix of fast paced cuts and lingering atmospheric shots, the short remains unpredictable in both its aesthetic qualities as well as its narrative. This strange dark and brooding atmosphere is created with the use of appropriately dark and matching music, with wild sound textures that pop up and disturb any moments of tranquil beauty. Although it isn’t a short that opens up in a very direct manner, it is a accomplished and beautiful piece of work that shows true talent in those involved. Director Nick Narciso shows that he has a eye for the visual as well as a number of compelling ideas. I know that I am personally interested in more of his work. You can discover more about the filmmaker and this project via the production company’s website at: http://www.comatosefilms.com