88 (2014) – By Kirsten Walsh

“A young woman comes to in a roadside diner with no idea where she is or how she got there. Split between two timelines, she gets taken on a violent journey as she seeks out the person responsible for her lover’s death.”

A roller coaster ride down a seemingly deserted highway, that leaves a body count, lost memories, and leaves the audience somewhere in the middle. “88” tells two stories that start at the end of the beginning and twist the viewer around Katherine Isabelle’s fingers like the keys she plays with for the stunning stolen vehicle she drives. Confronted with chasing down the iconic Christopher Lloyd, this film does so many things right and the audience only benefits from it.

While the story has several holes in it and doesn’t have the smoothest flow, it is a high energy visual piece that definitely looks like it was fun making. The story has its complications, but one nagging factor is that when jumping from timeline to timeline, it gives a brief recap of what happened the last time the audience was watching that timeline. Unlike time jumping films like “Memento”, this film gives the audience not enough credit and has to remind them of what they are seeing. This adds wasted time to the entirety of the film- which clocks in at just less than 90 minutes. There is a noticeable lack of character development for everyone except for Flamingo/Gwen (Katherine Isabelle). Christopher Lloyd is a stellar bad guy as Cyrus, the angry bar owner who has a major role in Gwen’s life, but pisses Flamingo off. See- confusing right there? It is definitely a film that is better seen.

Speaking of the visuals, the color is vibrantly comfortable in this film. With a little saturation, the film has a stark feel to it. This is overall a good look for the film- bringing the reds out (initially Isabelle’s dress is bright red, and quite revealing).