9th Company (2005) – By Brian Morton

Afghanistan is in the news a lot lately…well, for the past 9 years or more anyway. But, what we here in tend to forget that before we were there fighting the Taliban, that Russia was there fighting insurgents in a war of their own. It’s become known as the Soviet Union’s Vietnam, and there are a ton of similarities, but a new Russian film from director Fyodor Bondarchuk, 9th Company, takes us into one of the Soviet Army’s most infamous battles and gives us a glimpse at life in the army behind the iron curtain.

9th Company plays just like an American war movie, we meet our troops as they’re being inducted into the army. They are eager to get to Afghanistan and show the Mohajadeen exactly who’s boss. They train, form a cohesive team and then, soon, find themselves in Afghanistan, thrown into the thick of things. 9th Company’s real tale is about the defense of Height 3234, a mountain peak that overlooks a road that the Russians use to transport supplies to the furthest outposts in the country. 3234 is near an Afghani village that is crawling with Mohajadeen and they must be constantly vigilant to keep silent killers from sneaking into camp.

If you get a copy of 9th Company, and you really should, make sure you get the 2-Disc Special Edition, this includes extras not to be missed, including a doc on the real 9th Company, which is every bit as good as the movie itself! If you loved Platoon, or Saving Private Ryan, then you’re going to love 9th Company, a band of brothers who walk into a situation that they never expected…they may be Soviet soldiers, but you’ll discover that this is a universal theme and forget your patriotic ties in no time! I’m giving 9th Company 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s one of the most powerful war films I’ve ever seen and it’ll give you a bit of perspective on events unfolding right now! Do yourself a favor and grab a copy right now over at http://www.wellgousa.com!