A Bothered Conscience (2005) – By Brian Morton

 I have to imagine that putting together a new and original horror movie is one of the hardest things in the world. And it seems that everyone with a video camera and some tape believes that they’re the next Wes Craven or George Romero…and they’re usually dead wrong! But, once in a while a movie comes along that’s so original and so different that it makes you proud to be affiliated in any way with the independent film community. That’s how I felt after watching A Bothered Conscience.

A Bothered Conscience is the story of Keller McGavin, Keller seems to be a bit of a hillbilly and he’s obsessed with keeping people off of his property. It doesn’t matter why you’re there or what you’re doing, if you wander onto Keller’s property you can pretty much kiss your ass goodbye because Keller don’t cotton to no trespassing! As you watch the movie unfold, it seems that this is the sole point of the movie, someone wanders onto Keller’s property and Keller kills them, but there’s more to it than that. I’d tell you what, but I’m not going to ruin this great movie for you!

Dennis Smithers Jr. has created one of the most original and greatest movie characters of all time in Keller McGavin. Keller is a very rare character, he’s at once frightening and sympathetic and that’s one of the hardest types of characters to write, let alone portray on the screen, and Dennis Smithers Sr. does an excellent job as Keller! This is a great movie, I can’t say enough about it. My only issue is it’s running time, it felt a little long, but when you get to the end, the payoff is worth the time… believe me!!

But don’t believe me, head on over to Smithers Productions and check this movie out for yourself…you won’t be disappointed! So, until next time when I’ll do my personal Keller McGavin impersonation by yelling at those damned kids to stay offa my lawn, remember that the best movies are bad movies.