A Cult Influence (2011) – By Tiffany Apan

Every year sees it’s fair share of films in both mainstream and the independent realm being produced and released to the public for consumption. Some films are an instant success while others don’t resonate with audiences as well. Then there are those that do resonate, but have a different kind of appeal and charm to them than the typical mainstream blockbuster film and may only resonate with a small but dedicated fanbase. Welcome to the world of cult films.

In this ten minute mini documentary, Daniel Krone explores the question of what makes a film a cult film. Does it have to be a lower budget indie film? After all, if you venture into the underground indie world you will find the term being thrown around quite a bit. Or can a movie that was released by a major studio possibly achieve the title of cult status? How can a very obscure, rarely seen film possibly be an influence on a major mainstream studio production? AND will the video rental stores (where you could physically go in a rent or purchase a video or DVD) we all know and love be able to maintain existence in the midst of Netflix and Tivo?

I rather enjoy Krone’s approach to the world of cult films and the execution of the documentary itself. He obviously has a passion for the rarely seen films that are the obsessions of only a seeming small handful of movie goers. I would not only recommend this to a fan of independent and cult films, but I think that someone looking to get into filmmaking could benefit from watching this as well. In order to truly understand the art of filmmaking, one needs to explore it from all angles and know the industry inside and out. I do applaud Daniel Krone on a job well done and in making this documentary. For those interested in viewing it themselves, visit  “A Cult Influence” on YouTube.