A Film in Tongues (2013) – By Brian Morton

Religion is a very strange thing. It binds us together and it tears us apart…all at the same time. Well, a new film from James Ristas, A Film in Tongues, takes an interesting point of view on the subject.

First, the entire film is spoken in tongues, and if you don’t know what that is, this might not be a movie for you. Tongues is, generally, something spoken when in the throes of a religious fervor in some religions, so an entire movie in tongues is quite interesting. The story is pretty simple; a man kills another man and goes to a prophet for redemption. He’s sent into the world to preach about the coming of the Lord. He meets a strange man and is tempted, first with a woman and then with a false idol, in his confusion, he takes the false idol to the prophet and is redeemed.

A Film in Tongues is a bit confusing (as are most religions) but an interesting story about redemption and temptation. It looks very good and, being shot in black and white gives the movie a bit more gravitas than it would in color. Overall, A Film in Tongues is a pretty interesting film if you’ve got any sort of inkling about religion, if you don’t you might want to avoid it. I’m giving A Film in Tongues 3 out f 4 cigars, it’s not for everyone, but, for those of us who ‘get it’, and it’s a pretty good little movie. You can find out more over at http://jristas.wix.com/filmproduktion.