A Glaring Emission (2010) – By Brian Morton

There are two kinds of people in the country today, those who believe that global warming is a huge problem…and the rest of us. I think that we’ve all heard it so much that we’re just tired of listening to people talk about something that equates to the weather…everyone’s talking about it, but no one’s doing anything. Well, a new movie from Aaron Moorhead, A Glaring Emission, takes the idea and turns it into something.

A Glaring Emission is the story of Brian Torro, a guy who sees global warming, not as a problem, but as an opportunity. You see, Brian has created a shell game using ‘carbon credits’, to turn himself into a multi-millionaire. He’s so good at it that he’s been at it for years and thinks that he’s unbeatable. And, as we all know, when you think you’re unbeatable, you’re usually at your most vulnerable! Brian is looking at a government inspection and his scam has been uncovered by a business colleague, so Brian now has to find a way out of both, all the time, keeping his ‘business’ running!

A Glaring Emission is really a ‘caper’ movie, we’re meant to feel alternately good for and then bad about Brian’s situation. The only real issue that I had with A Glaring Emission was its running length, it felt like a short film that had been padded out to fit a feature. The idea is funny and the acting was great, it just felt a bit long for what it was.

I’m giving A Glaring Emission 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s a timely idea that I’m sure someone is implementing in real life, even as I write this…and it’s worth checking out. Find out more by heading over to http://www.aglaringemission.com.