A Horrible Way to Die (2011) – By Brian Morton

Serial killer movies are one of my favorites…if they’re done well. If they’re not done well, they can fall apart pretty quickly. In between those is a new move from Anchor Bay, A Horrible Way to Die (DVD releases on September 6th), it’s a serial killer movie of a different type.

Sarah is a small town girl who’s fighting alcoholism. She’s clearly trying to get over a trauma. Garrick Turrell is a serial killer who’s just escaped prison and has resumed killing girls. Garrick doesn’t seem to take any glee in killing, he just seems compelled to do it. As the story unfolds, we realize that Sarah and Garrick are tied together, Sarah dated Garrick before his arrest and now Garrick is killing his way to Sarah…but for what reason? I guess you’ll just have to find out for yourself!

As serial killer movies go, A Horrible Way to Die is very mediocre. The serial killer aspect of the movie is down-played in favor of the romantic story of Sarah and her new boyfriend. Now, I don’t have a big problem with romantic tales, but when a movie is called A Horrible Way to Die, I expect something…well…horrible. The killings in this movie were anything but, bordering on the mundane…if that’s possible for a killing. I’m giving A Horrible Way to Die 1 out of 4 cigars, its okay, but that’s it, it’s just okay. There isn’t enough violence for a serial killer movie and when there is violence it’s really just more of the same thing we’ve seen before. You can check it out for yourself over at http://www.anchorbayent.com and see if you agree.