A Little Push (2012) – By Josh Samford

For Rogue Cinema, I have reviewed numerous unconventional projects before. I have seen many drastically different short films pass through our sorting system, but up until this point I have never been given the opportunity to review a music video. This is something that certainly proves to be an interesting exercise for me, because how does one judge a music video when they aren’t even the target audience for the music itself? "A Little Push" is a music video by musical artist Skinny Cavallo. The song in question is a mix of rock and hiphop, but it goes in a much groovier direction than Linkin Park or any other similar act. Cavallo seems to be an artist who wants to share his emotions, because the lyrics to this particular song seems to be very personal.

The plot behind the video, and there is one, seems to follow a character played by Cavallo who is coming to terms with his emotions due to a very strong relationship that has apparently come to an end. The video is technically well made and director Jeremy Jed Hammel does everything he can in order to give this low budget production as much polish as possible. Filled with numerous sets and a very stylish use of post-production effects, the short does indeed look like something that could generate a number of hits on YouTube. That is, provided that Cavallo’s brand of music catches on with a large crowd. This fantastic imagery accompanies an intriguing story that plays out during the course of the short video, and it even manages to sneak in a twist ending that I did not see coming. Overall, this is an interesting little project and should be spread around sometime soon.

If you’d like to learn more about the director, you can visit his website at http://alittlepushvid.com.