A Profile of B-Movie Queen Julie Strain – By Nichele Johnston

Birth Name: Julie Ann Strain
DOB: February 18, 1962
Location: Concord, California

With a long serpentine main of raven-black hair, a body made with the help of DuPont, and standing an Amazonian 6’1”, Julie Strain is a goddess among B-Movie actresses. Strain has made a name for herself and then some with such Grade Z masterpieces as Bikini Squad, Blonde Heaven, Bimbo Movie Bash, Lingerie Kickboxer, The Bare Wench Project 2: Scared Topless, and 13 Erotic Ghosts. She’s a warrior meets Jessica Rabbit meets supermodel meets porn star all rolled into one badass chick.

But life wasn’t always bikinis and Andy Sidaris flicks for Strain. At some point in her life she was kicked in the head by a horse (some reports say it happened when she was eleven, some say it happened around her early 20’s) and suffered total amnesia. She couldn’t read and had to learn the alphabet all over again.

In 1989, Strain attended the boxing match between Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran and was discovered by a talent scout. She made her film debut in the 1990 flick Reposessed, a parody of The Exorcist starring Leslie Neilsen and Linda Blair. Then in 1993, at the age of 31, Strain found fame as the Penthouse Pet of the Year. Soon she was cranking out movies left and right, sometimes as many as 8 a year. She has brushed with mainstream films with cameos in such films as Kuffs, The Naked Gun 33 1/3, and Beverly Hills Cop III. But it seems that Strain will continue to stick with straight-to-video for film stardom.

Not that Julie has limited herself to films to make men’s hormones rage out of control. Pinup artist Olivia de Berardinis has used Julie as a model for some of her artwork. She has been on the cover of the Vampirella comic book, and can be seen on the Playboy Channel’s Sex Court as Judge Julie.

Much to the chagrin of many red-blooded American males, Julie is married to Kevin Eastman, the co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Ninja Turtles aside, Eastman has had cameos in several of Julie’s films. In 2000, the two worked together on the gory adult animated film Heavy Metal 2000, Strain offering her voice and her likeness while Eastman helped with the writing. It’s a match made in heaven.

So boys, if you’re bored and flipping through the channels late at night your likely to come across some soft-core flick on “Skinemax” featuring a certain California Amazon who will likely be partially naked or just plain naked. Hey, no one ever accused Julie Strain of being a talented actress. She’s a comic book pin-up gal with a devoted following who will keep churning out her DTV schlock as long as men and boys alike continue to watch. As she puts it: “I’m 6’1” and worth the climb.” Indeed.

As if movies, television, comic books, calendars, and coffee mugs weren’t enough, Julie has ventured into the world of books and photography. Here first book, the magnificently titled “It’s Only Art If It’s Well Hung”, was published in 1997. This coffee table folio features a collection of Julie pictures and Olivia paintings. A second pictorial book “Six Foot One and Worth the Climb”, was published the same year. A third book, “Julie Strain’s Greatest Hits,” was published in 2002. This one delves a little deeper into the life and times of Julie Strain, featuring background information about her childhood, photos from her early modeling days, and pictures of friends taken by Julie herself.

Of course, where would modern day B-Movie Queen be without an official website? That’s right boys, JulieStrain.com is up for your viewing pleasure. Featuring about 20,000 pictures (this site is for adults only, please! You don’t get to be a Scream Queen by being shy about your assets), a members section, email of the week and a guest book. Julie frequently updates and interacts on the guest book. She even sends free postcards to fans who e-mail her. Is she great or what?