A Proper Violence (2010) – By Brian Morton

Everyone loves a good revenge movie, but, what I find interesting is that, if you’re don’t see the act that instigates the revenge, then a movie can take on a whole different tone. That’s the kind of movie that Chris Faulisi has made with A Proper Violence. One that will make you rethink your position on revenge.

A Proper Violence is really the story of Morgan, a man who’s just got out of jail for a rape he committed. The funny thing is that Morgan regrets his actions and wants nothing more than to get his life in order and not make any more mistakes. The problem comes when Morgan goes on a camping trip with some guys he meets in a bar. Morgan’s just desperate for any companionship and readily agrees to the trip without really knowing the guys. As it turns out, these three guys are related to the woman who Morgan attacked, and they’re planning to take Morgan out in the woods and get themselves some revenge. The issue comes when they begin really thinking about what they’re doing. Who will be better after they get this revenge and how will it affect them as they move forward. Good questions.

Faulisi has crafted a movie that asks a lot of questions but doesn’t give many answers, we’re left to figure those out for our selves. A Proper Violence will have you on the edge of your seat, first, understanding the need for revenge and then wondering what will happen if revenge is taken, it’s really a deep movie with an ending that will leave you wondering what’s next! The story is amazingly written and well acted and is more than worth your time. I’m giving A Proper Violence 4 out of 4 cigars, because it made me think…something that I don’t often do! You can find out more about A Proper Violence by heading over to