A Very Sunny Morning (2006) – By Josh Samford

 There are a lot of people out in this world with a whole lot to say. This is just something I’m currently thinking about after watching the short film A Verry Sunny Morning. Had I never have entered into the world of film journalism in one way or another, I never would have been introduced to so many different personalities. There are just so many interesting people the world over, I’m just glad I can be invited into so many different weird worlds on a monthly basis. A Very Sunny Morning is one of these such weird worlds, and director Eric Carter seems to eb one of these different interesting personalities. During the course of this very short twelve minute film, you will feel disgusted, you will laugh, you will be uncomfortable and by the end of it – I think the only thing you can really do is smirk. AVSW is a surrealist comedy that moves at a vaulting speed and changes genres with ease, that creates something unique. I was very impressed with the film, especially to start with the production value of the project and just how GOOD it looks. You can tell that the director is heavily influenced by the likes of Wes Anderson and possibly even Gus Van Sant, especially in his visual style and the choice of music to work opposite of his images. It’s funny to find Wes Anderson listed as an influence on the official myspace page, when within the first thirty seconds of the film that director immediately popped into my mind. Not to say his work is blatantly much like Anderson’s. No, I don’t think anyone could ever mistake the two that is for sure. From the quiet and quaint introduction, to a scene that is both cute and a tad bit on the dangerous side – the surreality that Carter creates is much different than any of the previously mentioned filmmakers and more in tune with something David Lynch would create – if David Lynch had a bit more interest in comedy.

Carter sets the film up in its introduction as something that is, like I said, cute but with a dangerous flare. As a couple sit at a table discussing their breakfast, the actors do a great job in taking their performances to a slightly ridiculous (but not over the top) height and create a scene that makes the audience stand back from the film and question exactly what is going on between these two. The eventual turn still does come from out of nowhere, but there’s a tension within the scene that works beautifully. From this scene on out, the film is an adventure in the absurd. As our characters chase after nuns, talk to their television set and have one painstaking "wake up" sequence that is probably the highlight of the film. AVSW is something I definitely reccomend everyone check out. It is probably the slickest looking independent film you’ll see on the net, and is also just downright funny. For those who like their comedy slightly out of this world, something like Aqua Teen Hunger Force or Space Ghost, or if you just wish David Lynch would make an outright comedy in the same pattern as Lost Highway – this is the film for you.

A Very Sunny Morning is definitely the best independent film I’ve seen so far this year, and hope many more of you out there get the chance to check it out. I mean, hey, it’s for free. It costs nothing but a little bit of time, and being that you’re reading up film reviews on the internet – I’d dare say you have some time to waste. I am a big fan of surreal and absurd comedy, so AVSW turned out to be right up my alley. For those just looking for something entertaining, don’t try and figure out what is going on – just accept the ideas, enjoy the dream logic involved and laugh along with the absurd things going on within the film. I’m sure you’ll have a good time like I did. For those interested, you can see the film at the official myspace page: Here. I highly reccomend everyone check it out and leave some feedback, they seem like very generous people and great artists.