A Weekend (A Very Good Movie) (2011) – By Misty Layne


A WEEKEND (A VERY GOOD MOVIE) is a very…cheesy movie – a very cheesy movie that borders on “so cheesy it’s good” but never quite crosses that line, instead meandering alongside that line before turning and heading in the other direction towards “oh god, why? why??”. It’s a short film about nothing, that’s seemingly obsessed with age, teenage angst, and a dancing laundry monster(?). I dunno, guys. This one’s a little difficult.

So. We’ve gotta mom, a sister, and a brother. Sis is 14 years old (I know this because it’s repeated 1800 times). Bro is 22 years old (this was only repeated, like, 1100 times). Sis is dating a 21 year old guy (this was repeated ~1400 times). Mom is a drunk. Bro is apparently, like, SOOOO smart (I dunno, I didn’t see him DO anything smart or hear him SAY anything smart, but people said he was “so smart” ~900 times). Sis is full of “teenage angst” (repeated ~1200 times). Their dad is gone because he left Mom for another woman (as bro so helpfully points out to Mom at one point as he tells her to get over it already, it’s been 3 years, jeez! to which she replies, “oh honey, you’re so smart”). Bro lives in the basement and plays video games. Mom makes a casserole. Sis pouts a lot. Everyone talks like robots – I actually thought it was a film about robots pretending to be people at first; I was so wrong. And uh, there’s a dancing laundry monster that appears between scenes, who then gradually pops into scenes and isn’t as friendly as he first appears? I guess? I mean, dancing laundry seems pretty friendly – dancing ANYTHING seems pretty friendly – but, uh, no.

If all that sounds like something you’d enjoy, then by all means, definitely watch this short! I just couldn’t like it though. I LOVE cheesy films and I like films about nothing, but even films about nothing still have to have something to tie them together, and this one just didn’t. It was just a lot of repetition of very little dialogue that led to nowhere with an ending that I think was supposed to be funny but wasn’t. (The repetition of “statuatory rape isn’t rape!”~800 times REALLY didn’t help this short’s case either). It was all just very blah, and I, unfortunately, couldn’t find any redeeming qualities in the cinematography or anywhere. Maybe if the point of the short was made clearer, it would work better? Maybe…

Find out more about A WEEKEND (A VERY GOOD MOVIE) over at the short’s website and decide for yourself if it’s worth your time.