Abomination: Evilmaker 2 (2003) – By Brian Morton

 I’ve said it before, but I’ll re-iterate it for all of you who are getting here late, nothing good ever lives in a house at the end of a road or in a deserted place! It seems like a house is a house is a house, but trust me, I’ve seen enough movies to be able to tell you two things, back-woods families are almost always cannibals and houses that are in secluded places are always possessed by evil! And this is proven again in Abomination: Evilmaker 2.

The house in Abomination sits at the end of a wooded lane and evil lives there. I guess evil must have a long term lease because it seems to have been there long enough to have set up a nice little operation, the gates of hell are conveniently located nearby, lots of potential victims seem to be dropping in all the time and it’s just generally a great location…if you’re evil. The story in Abomination: Evilmaker 2 is about two sisters, one, Rachel, has been missing for some time and it’s assumed that she’s killed the others that were in her foursome when she disappeared. The other sister, Cathy, has made it her mission to clear her sister’s name.

When Cathy arrives at the house she finds out that evil does in fact dwell there and lures people to it for it’s own ends. But, since good and evil are always near each other, good isn’t far away and is only waiting to be asked for help. Good is like a good neighbor to evil. It always lives nearby, but it tends to leave Evil alone until Evil gets out of hand, like when you neighbor lets your lawn get longer and longer without complaining until you notice one day that all you can see out your windows is amber waves of grain, then Good drops by to make sure that everything is alright and to kindly ask you to mow the grass. Only in the case of Good vs. Evil, it’s not the lawn, it’s the possession and killing of young girls.

Abomination: Evilmaker 2 is a tale of good versus evil and for a low budget movie, it’s not bad! The acting is uneven in places, but it’s generally pretty strong, the special effects are good and the story, while a bit strained in places is good overall. And, while the standard sequel setup is a little weird, Abomination is still a good old-fashioned horror movie worthy of your Saturday afternoon. You can check it out for yourself by heading over to Brain Damage Films.com, and until the next time we meet, when I’ll reveal that my brother and I are actually psychically bonded…no, wait, we’re both psychotic, that’s it, still, remember that the best movies are bad movies!