Action Heroes of The Cliffhanger Serials (2013) – By Jason S. Lockard

The movie serials came to be known as Cliffhangers because, the chapter would end leaving the hero or heroine literally hanging off a cliff or caught in the jaws of death. Well, Legend films has released a program reliving these great cinema events on DVD.

This 90 minute 1992 special, is basically a collection of trailers and excerpts showcasing some of the classic moments from these amazing serials. Featuring heroes like Superman, Batman, The Green Hornet, Flash Gordon, The Lone Ranger, Rocket Man and many, many more.

This is nice documentary style film reliving this forgotten era of cinema in a short 90 minute time frame. Now as for this DVD release the documentary is pretty nice quality, but bonus features there is only a trailer for this documentary film.

So if you to see the serials without having to sit through 3 hours worth of each serial. This may be the DVD for you. So head over to or your local DVD provider and get your copy today.

Moral Rating: Mild violence
Audience: Teens and adults
Genre: Action
Length: 90 minutes
DVD Released: 2013
DVD Rating: C