Action Man: The Complete Series (1995-1996) – By Jason S. Lockard

In my childhood as well as yours more than likely. We grew up on these larger than life characters like Transformers, He-Man and G.I. Joe. To be a kid in the 80s and 90s was the greatest; cause these great action figures were given their own TV series. Such was Action Man. Now Mill Creek Entertainment has released Action Man the entire 1995-96 series on DVD.

Action man was a 1995-96 British animated television series, based on the Hasbro toy line, and created by DIC Entertainment. The show focuses on Action Man, amnesiac who is trying to unlock the mystery of his past; while serving as a member of an elite multinational task force named Action Force who fight against the terrorist Dr. X and his ‘Council of Doom’. What made this show unique was it  featured live action segments before and after the main show.

Sadly this series only last 2 seasons a total of 26 episodes, but what amazing action is contained in these 26 episodes. This 2 disc set includes the first season on disc one and the second season on disc two. The quality of these episodes are crystal clear and leap off the screen. I really enjoyed this collection. It took me back to my childhood. Now you to can relieve my childhood over and over again.

So if you love those old cartoons from your childhood as much as I do still to this day. You got to pick up the complete series of Action man to add to your collection and for less than 10 dollars, what a deal. Head over to today to get your copy today!

Moral Rating: Violence
Audience: All audiences
Genre: Action, adventure, animation
Released: 2015
Rating: A