Actress Veronika Kurshinskaya: Truth and Myth About Hollywood – By Sonja Melville

Veronika Kurshinskaya came to Hollywood in 2008 knowing that being an actress is her destiny. “What makes an average actor into a brilliant actor?” We asked her. "You have to know your type. I play a lot of emotional characters ranging from miserable emigrants to a light hearted police detective. I look forward to playing a femme fatal one day!”

Recently, Veronika was cast as a call girl in Anthony Cook’s first feature film. “I have known Anthony for three years now, he has directed a few short films I had leading roles in. When he called me to share great news that he is going to direct his first feature film and offered me a role, I was extremely happy. I trusted him and had no doubts in accepting the offer. My character is funny, kind and sexy in a quirky way. I don’t want to say too much and to destroy the mystery about the film that has not come out yet. I will just mention that it’s a romantic comedy.”

When asked about her most challenging to date role, Veronika decided that it was “Speak Now” an independent film she co-produced and wrote about ten old college friends who went on divergent paths after graduation and then reunited in Chicago for a wedding. The film starred Veronika as the lead Chloe, a talented violinist and unhappy wife who is desperately in love with her cheating husband.

In the film Chloe and Evan (young Taiwanese actor Alvis Chang) appear to be the perfect couple, but in reality Evan is having an affair with his secretary and is about to leave Chloe. When Evan announces he is leaving her, Chloe begs him to pretend that they are still together just for one more week so they can attend the wedding. "It was important to find chemistry between Alvis and me, and then loose it. To create that feeling of desperation and a broken family," Veronika says. “Like in real life, in “Speak Now!” love causes chaos. This is a great story about passion, deception, betrayal and hope. It was extremely difficult to be one of the writers, co-produce and actually act in the production. We were lucky to have award-winning European filmmaker Petra Haffter as a director. Otherwise, I would have lost my mind with the amount of work I had to do at the same time. I learned my lesson: I am better in front of the camera, not behind”.

About difference between Film and Theater Acting, Veronika responds: "I love Film and I love Theater, but Theater is extremely time consuming. I was lucky to be able to take this summer off and to concentrate on a theatrical comedy production” Modern Drama” directed by Bill Sterritt at the Studio/ Stage Theater in Los Angeles. We had rehearsals starting March until the show opened in May, five – six days a week. The cast, including Lisa Temple and Rich Brunner, was amazing. Bill Sterritt is an extremely talented writer and director who was able to get the most powerful performance out of each actor. As a result, Modern Drama had excellent reviews and was extended for the month of August.”

When I asked for a tip for aspiring actors, Veronika Kurshinskaya didn’t hesitate: "I strongly believe that there is no small or big roles. If Acting is your true calling, you will be able to enjoy every moment of creating a new character who breathes, thinks and feels. When you realize that, you can overcome the many disappointments in the process of building your career.”

Thank you and best of luck, Veronika!