Adeline (2012) – By Philip Smolen

We face our innermost demons every day; those private thoughts and feelings that gnaw at us, tear at our innermost psyche, and try to drag us down. Most of us refuse to give in and have developed strategies to drive those feelings away. But what if we can’t, and our demons win?

This seems to be the theme of Joseph Arnone’s latest short “Adeline.” The film stars Daniella Alma as Adeline, an emotionally fragile young woman who literally digs up her innermost thoughts and allows them to guide her actions. The film is mysterious and intense evoking an ethereal, dream-like feeling. It features a soul-baring performance from Alma (who wrote the original poem that the film is based on). She plays both Adeline and the personification of her demonic inner thoughts and even in eight short minutes, her intensity explodes on the screen. Alma is dynamic and riveting and I found that I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

Arnone’s photography is achingly beautiful and is carefully composed to achieve maximum emotional impact. The featured music by Max Ablitzer and Christopher Arnone is designed to resonate emotionally as well and does help convey Adeline’s fragile sensitive state.

“Adeline” is touching, and I recommend it for anyone who’s interested in poetic films. It is a magical short and a splendid cinematic tone poem as well.

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