Adventures of the Haunted Hunted (2013) – By Misty Layne

A group of intrepid bungling ghost hunters investigate the paranormal in this comedy horror film. These investigators are barely surviving each other’s company as they battle ghosts and poltergeists. A satire of ghost investigation TV shows, this farce turns up the heat on spirits that try to run from the team!

Adventures of the Haunted Hunted is the latest film from the creators of Suburban Sasquatch, Fungicide and Zombies by Design. Written by Dave Wascavage, David M. Sitbon, Bill Ushler and Jonathan Moody and starring Kati Jordan, Bill McCue, Todd Stuckley, Steve Kurtz, Bill Ushler, Valerie Negro, Rebecca Cyr, J. Jesse Daley, David Freed and Mike Jordan, this film spoofs shows featuring ghost hunters where the majority of the TV. show is filmed with night vision and lots of high tech (or maybe low tech) gadgets are used. All the ghost hunter tropes are here from the recording of EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) to the EMF meter and of course plenty of cameras.

There’s a wide range of characters here from the ghost hunter hillbilly who wears overalls and is obsessed with boobs (and being a ghost hunter because women like ghost hunters and he likes women) to the uptight woman local historian who is there to add a bit of actual fact about the places they’re visiting. Also along for the ride is the main guy who is obnoxious, slightly perverted and content to be the “pretty face” of the show, his sidekick, a cute girl with pigtails and an older man who is also slightly perverted. Okay, really, the majority of the men in this movie are slightly perverted. In fact, a lot of the movie is made up of sexual innuendos (“We have to go to Whackoff Lane!”), slow motion cat fights between the historian and the pigtail girl and plenty of talks about boobs and dick jokes. It’s a little on the juvenile side but it’s still a step up in humor from the Scary Movie movies, for example.

The general gist of the movie is that the ghost hunting team must visit 6 haunted places in one night. Why? I have no idea. But there you have it. Intercut with the visits to these various places are interviews with the team members from when they were being hired which adds a level of comedy that is, at times, a welcome relief from the regular action taking place. Besides the typical “Why do you want to be a ghost hunter?” questions, there’s also a required Rorschach test that leads to some interesting insight into the team members minds. The locations they’re visiting range from a man who keeps being “buggered” (as he puts it) by a malicious spirit to a daycare of death (otherwise known as Double D’s) – see what I mean about the sexual innuendos? Oh, and did I mention that there is one twisted squirrel? Seriously, the ending has to be seen to be believed. The main point of this movie though is more whether the team can survive a night with each other; much less survive the ghosts (which are few and far between).

This is a true indie gem, especially if you’re a fan of Z horror like me. Sure a couple of effects are a little cheesy but overall it’s a well shot film and since every person in this movie is supposed to be annoying (I think…) the cast does an excellent job. Pigtail girl was kind of adorable though.

Not for film snobs but definitely for those of us who hunt out those films made purely out of love and sometimes as a throwback to another era, Adventures of the Haunted Hunted is a fun romp – if you can handle all the sexual remarks that is.

If you want to learn more about the film (and their other offerings which I’m planning on checking out soon!), you can visit their site or follow them on Twitter. Here’s to the hilariously silly.