Alienated (2015) – By Jon Hatfield

This is the story of one long married couple’s argument.

The title sequence took way too long — holy crap. But the art was great.

The couple’s tiff over hot water was annoying and too realistic. I pretty much zoned out before the tiff was over. I do have ADD, but usually even bad films maintain my attention even a little — not this film. do these people just sit around and talk the whole time? i can hardly pay attention

good lighting didn’t happen until 15 minutes in and then it went really bad again for the rest of the movie. It seemed like the crew was trying to adopt a Godfather look but it really just came out looking like the whites were too bright out and the shadows were just hiding important detail in the film — like facial expression.

The lead guy made me feel like I was at a funeral. It seemed like the script was so bad that it made the actors look horrible.

The lead spoke like he was in a perpetual state of depression. I know that is the perspective he was coming from, but there was not enough character arc to justify the monotone voice of his.

“Please kill me now” was often a thought that ran through my head while forcing myself through this.

The most interesting part of the film was the ufo, the news clips, and the weird neighbor. Which was a very small percentage of the film.

Finally after arguing with her bitchy husband the whole movie, she tells him he’s a sad being.

“are you distracted now?” asked the lead at one point. My reply, “YES. I AM. AND NOT BY THE MOVIE. BY THE WALL BEHIND MY TV BECAUSE IT HAS BECOME MORE INTERESTING THAN THE MOVIE.”

So the lead finally gets his wife to a turning point in his manipulation game when something strange in the world happens. He uses this as leverage.

Nice try on the UFO symbolism but wow. What a waste of time and not enjoyable by any means.

My rating: out of 10 (10 as highest)
General: 3
Storyline/Screenplay: 3
Script: 1
Acting: 5
Sound: 5
Directing: 2
Cinematography: 4