Aliens Night (2014) – By Philip Smolen

Andrea Ricca is an Italian filmmaker who makes colorful no-budget short films with fantastic themes. He writes, directs and does all his own CGI, which can be pretty spectacular at times. His latest film is “Aliens Night”, a seven minute short about a gorgeous female scientist (Stefani Autuori) who’s working late one night when she is besieged by three short pregnant-looking space invaders who mean to do her harm. But Autuori has been keeping up with the ‘Alien’ movie franchise, so she does her best Ellen Ripley impersonation and decides to kick some extraterrestrial butt.

It’s very hard not to enjoy an Andrea Ricca movie. Yes, his screenplays are elementary (almost rudimentary) and he rarely has dialogue in his films, but you just can’t help but admire what he does. It’s as if Andrea is still a 12-year old boy living in an adult body. His movies reflect a wonderful child-like innocence and sincerity. He directs movies just like a teenage boy with his first camera would. He only puts in his film what’s important to him. For ‘Aliens Night’ that means cool-looking CGI aliens and a hot brunette.

Each of Ricca’s films successfully hits a film buff’s primal nerve and they always get straight to the point. There’s never any dramatic build-up or character development. Andrea knows that can slow a movie down. He just plunges right in and gets to the good stuff.

After watching several of his movies, I have to conclude that Andrea is another Peter Pan and he just won’t grow up. And that’s absolutely fine with me. “Aliens Night” is a quick and fun sci-fi short. It’s also a perfect 12-year old film maker’s fantasy.

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