All I Want for Christmas (2006) – By Brian Morton

 When a short leaves you wanting more you know that the filmmaker is on to something. And that’s the case with Scott Goldberg’s short, All I Want For Christmas.

In less than seven minutes, Goldberg drags you into the world of a child killer named Santa Cruz. Santa is one sick bastard who takes sexual pleasure from killing children. Now, Santa is out stalking a new victim and it’s the brother of a past victim! This movie is sick, twisted, demented and I definitely wanted more!

Scott does in less than seven minutes what some filmmakers can’t do in ninety. He builds characters, situations and a greatly compelling story, and all of this with absolutely NO DIALOGUE! That’s right, besides music, there’s no sound in this short at all. And, while for some movies that would be a huge setback, in All I Want For Christmas it make the movie stronger.

I’m told that a feature with these characters is on the way, and I’m already waiting in line at the video store for it! I can’t wait to see the direction the Scott goes with this dark movie. What’s the deal with Santa’s henchwoman, Isabella, is she a former victim who lived? Is she just a sicko like Santa? And what about the mother of Santa’s two victims from the short? Will she get her revenge? This is definitely a ‘must see’ movie! If you want to see for yourself, drop on over to Scott Goldberg Films and see for yourself! So, until next time, when I’ll reveal my plans for an evil Easter Bunny movie…let’s just say, Don’t Eat The Eggs!!! Remember that the best movies are bad movies!