All Things Fall Apart (2011) – By Brian Morton

You might remember about a year ago, rapper Fifty Cent tweeted a picture of himself after a dramatic weight loss that he did for a film. Well, that film has finally hit DVD, it’s called All Things Fall Apart and it’s one of the best films I’ve seen in quite some time.

Fifty, plays Deon, an up and coming college football player who’s a shoo in for the NFL draft. His entire life has been football, and his family is counting on him to get them out of the hard place they’ve been living in and on to easy street. But, when Deon discovers that he has cancer, his…and his family’s…life changes forever! All the ‘hard work’ that went into making Deon a great football player go out the window and now everyone has to redefine who they are and what their life is about.

Mario Van Peebles (who co-stars and directs here) has put together an amazing ‘football’ movie, never straying to far from the family into football, but still keeping the NFL dream front and center, so if you’re looking for a football movie, you won’t be disappointed, but if you’re just looking for a great drama, you’ll enjoy this too. And, enough can’t be said about Fifty Cent’s performance here, as Deon, Fifty manages to be a nice guy who you really want to see get ahead, and when his health begins failing, you really feel for him.

The bottom line here is that All Things Fall Apart is one of the best sports movies I’ve seen in quite some time, it’s filled with heart and family and it’s just a great drama that will make you laugh, cry and all those feelings in between. I’m giving All Things Fall Apart 4 out of 4 cigars; it’s a terrific movie that really should have seen a bigger release than just straight to DVD. Get in the huddle with Fifty Cent for yourself by heading over to