All This Time (2014) – By Philip Smolen

Michael (Joseph Dewey) is already spoken for. He has a lovely pregnant girlfriend (Kayleigh Gore) at home, but that is not enough. He sneaks out to the park and meets up with Alice (Carina Reeves). It’s clear that they have a special relationship with each other, but are unable to be together. But things go terribly wrong when Michael and Alice go back home and each of their lives will be changed forever.

“All This Time” is a 10 minute short film from the UK company grfilms. It is written by Jack George and directed by Adam J Samuel. It’s a film about unhappy people leading unhappy lives. No one is honest with themselves and they all suffer accordingly because of their inability to face the truth.

The main problem I had with “All This Time” is its brief length. It’s tough to create believable and caring characters in less than 10 minutes, but this story needed to be fleshed out more to be compelling. One of the main problems is that there is no dialogue in the opening montage between Michael and Alice. Everything is done in silence, which prevented me from getting involved in their lives. I wanted to know what the couple’s situation was. Were they planning to run away with each other? Did Alice know about Michael’s other girlfriend? Nothing is ever explained. So when tragedy later strikes, there is no emotional impact.

“All This Time” is a well meaning short film that needs to add about 12 minutes of back story for it to be more compelling. As it stands now, the film is professionally made, but unfortunately, lacks dramatic impact.

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