Almost Invisible (2010) – By Brian Morton

College kids, it seems that all they do is have sex and party. It really does look like a good life, until you realize that it’s those same college kids that are always the victims of maniacs and slashers. Well, in a new movie from, Almost Invisible, there’s something new stalking the kids…ghosts!

A group of kids decide to accept an invitation from the school weirdo to party while her parents are out of town. They accept the invitation because they’ve decided that trashing a house sounds like a fun way to spend a weekend and this way they can trash the house of someone they don’t care about anyway…so the party is on. But, when they arrive, strange things begin to happen, windows and doors lock themselves, people are possessed and begin killing themselves then disappearing and there’s no way to escape whatever’s happening inside this weird house! Is the house possessed? And how can anyone escape from this evil place?

Well, the premise of this movie is pretty good, but the execution lacks a bit. Oh, there are some hot girls in bikinis that are there for eye candy, but the scares are few and far between here. The story itself is a bit disjointed, the girls appear in and out of bikinis sort of randomly at times and, when the horror begins, people seem to come and go on a whim, there’s no coherent over all plot. This is a good idea, poorly executed.

I’m giving Almost Invisible 2 out of 4 cigars, it’s not the worst I’ve ever seen, but if you’re looking for a great ghost story, you can probably do better. Find out more by going to