Alphonso Bow (2010) – By Brian Morton

Have you ever had a friend that could endlessly debate you on any subject? Yeah, we all have; in fact, I think I’m that friend to some people! Well, if you love the endless, circular conversation, then you’re going to love the new movie from Lije Sarki, Alphonso Bow!

Alphonso Bow is, very basically, a lower rent version of My Dinner With Andre…which is why I enjoyed it so much. Here’s the basic story, Frank heads to a local restaurant to meet his friend and sometime business partner, Alphonso and, they have lunch and chat. And that’s about it, what they chat about is really the story, the conversation travels from Alphonso’s love life, through an eventful trip to the vet and even gets to life on other planets! If there’s a topic, Alphonso has an opinion about it, and he’s so loud…er, make that passionate…that anyone who sits in the booth next to him and Frank eventually move to get away from them!

Alphonso Bow is a cool movie totally in the vein of My Dinner With Andre…only with people you might actually spend some time with, Alphonso is charming and engaging, but Jeffrey Pierce endows him with a certain humanity that you can see through the surface chatter and see that there’s a real guy under there and that all these opinions seem to be a cry for attention! Pierce’s performance in Alphonso Bow may be the best I’ve seen all year! I’m giving Alphonso Bow 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s one of those movies that’s really not about anything, but will have you glued to your seat throughout! You can find out more by heading over to