Always a Reason (2014) – By Josh Samford

Always a Reason is a two minute short that details a very dramatic moment within one man’s life. It is difficult to discuss the short without giving away specifics, but overall it is about a man who finds himself at the end of his rope. He’s close to ending it all, but a phone call saves his life. This short was shot for a Project Greenlight competition which had the stipulation that the project needed to be no longer than three minutes, and with such a stringent time frame in mind, the filmmakers were able to make something that can speak to audiences.

The short lands on some very large themes, and understandably it has trouble tackling all of them in the way that they probably deserve, but as a heartwarming piece of cinema, the short does indeed work. As its title indicates, the premise for the short is that there’s always a reason to hang on. Although the project could have used a bit more style, being that such a short film has so little time to make its point, it is hard to argue with the results found when the stipulations are so limiting. Overall, this short is a fine piece of work, and if you’d like to know more about the filmmaker behind it, you can visit director Chris Esper’s website at which has more information on this project and numerous others.