Always Midnight (2006) – By Brian Morton

 Making low budget movies is probably one of the hardest careers a person could choose. No matter what side of the camera you’re on, it’s a fairly thankless job, and one that it seems everyone in the ‘mass media’ enjoys making fun of, and the person who keeps at it, following their dream, is a strong person indeed. The people over at Falcon Video are people like that, for over a decade Phil Herman and his gang have been turning out low budget movies that you can only find at either conventions they attend or at their web site. That’s something to be proud of in my book! I just had the opportunity to see the final chapter in their ‘midnight’ series, Always Midnight, and, when I first got it, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was happily surprised!

Always Midnight is a vampire movie, with a difference, this isn’t just your standard low budget, hey I bought some fangs, horror movie, this is a series of short movies, with a vampire theme that doesn’t take itself all that seriously. Always Midnight features four short tales framed by a ‘horror host’ called The Reaper. The stories here vary in quality and entertainment value, the first being the weakest, which features just one man talking to a camera about the ‘vampire war’, and then doing a fade to the ‘bronze princess’ that seems to be just an excuse for a nude scene (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). The second story is a tale of a woman who wishes to be a vampire. The third story, which to my mind is the strongest of the four, is about a vampire fighter with a new weapon for battling the fanged menace. The final story is about a man who has hallucinations that tell him to kill his wife to prevent the oncoming vampire onslaught. While each short piece is good, with the third and fourth being the best, the joy of this movie is the wrap around featuring the Reaper. Joel D Wynkoop, who also plays Arnold in the final short movie, plays the Reaper for laughs, cheesy laughs, but laughs nonetheless. Wynkoop is the person who holds this movie together, he’s completely fearless, whether it’s delivering the very bad jokes of the Reaper or running around in the briefest of red briefs in the fourth short tale, he’s the glue that keeps Always Midnight from falling apart!

While I came in at the end of the trilogy, having missed the first two, I have to admit that I enjoyed Always Midnight and didn’t feel that I was missing anything by having not seen the first two. The real joy of Always Midnight is that everyone involved in the feature seems to be having the most fun! From Wynkoop who chews the scenery so hard he leaves tooth marks to the ‘witch’ and the ‘vampiress’ who join him through the course of the wrap arounds, everyone here seems to be friendly and having fun, and that comes through the screen very well! I’m giving Always Midnight three and a half out of four cigars, and it only lost the half cigar for the first short tale, which really felt like it wasn’t planned properly and was just thrown together, that aside, Always Midnight is still a great movie and a ton of low budget fun! You can see for yourself by heading over to the Falcon Video web site. There’s other movies from the Falcon gang there too, each one with just as much heart as the last. So, until next time, when I’ll wonder how the Reaper chewed up all that scenery without putting on any weight, remember that the best movies are bad movies.