Amari’s Secret (2015) – By Loida Garcia


You’ve just had a long day at work.  Your boss probably got on your case about the project being late, you forgot your lunch in the taxi, and you just managed to spill coffee on your pants right before that super important meeting.  All you want is to get home, open a cold one, and relax.  Instead your cat may as well be channeling your boss because she just won’t stop “looking over your shoulder” from the moment you walk through the door.  No cute little meow to greet you, no adorable attempt at tripping you by rubbing herself against your leg, nope… none of that….just long hard starring.  …  Why the fuck won’t she stop staring!?!?!?!?

This is the exact predicament that our lead finds himself in when he gets home.

Even though this film is only a few short minutes long it is still absolutely brilliant.  Frederick Cowie’s acting was absolutely superb!  His facial expressions and mannerism were hilarious!  And what can I say about his feline costar?  She (at least I think the kitty was a she) was gorgeous!  And such a trooper!  I sure hope she received tons of treats for all of her award winning work!

The look of the film is simple and clean cut.  One of the many things that makes this film work.  Other than for a few choice words this may as well have been a silent film.  The ending took me completely by surprise and the reason for this was the song selection.  Instead of giving away what is coming by using the typical music normally selected for this genre, Wes Kotansky Jr picked a song more fitted for a drama than a horror.  Good job sir, good job.  The only part that I would suggest having been done differently is when the camera is placed behind the cat on the couch, it looks like it’s a stuffed animal in front of the camera instead of the cat.

The moment the end came about I was already wishing this was a full length movie….and I was wondering how no one else has thought of this concept before!

Thank you Mr. Kotansky for an amazing film!

My Personal Review:

Rating Scale:  Movie Theatre, Redbox Rental, or Skip It — Movie Theatre

Cheese Factor:  Vegan (no cheese), Taleggio, Limburger, Stinking Bishop — Vegan