Amber (2014) – By Brian Morton

Addiction is a weird thing, it can kill you or it can just be something that’s always there, that you have very little control over. Well, a new short from Andrew Brown called Amber, takes a look at it in a very interesting way.

Amber is a girl who seems to work for a drug dealer, she’s there to get some drugs, but is turned away and takes up with another junkie and they try to get clean together. This makes the dealer angry and now he might kill the junkie for stealing Amber away from him. The problem is that Amber seems to be as addicted to the drama as she is to the drugs…maybe more so!

Amber is one of the more interesting films about addiction, because it deals with addiction in a totally different way. I’m giving Amber 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s a bit short and, being a noir, it might be too dark for some people, but it’s well worth your time and it will definitely make you think! Find out more and see for yourself by heading over to