American Punks (1997) – By Brian Morton

 I have to admit that when it comes to Camp Motion Pictures, and they’re partner, Bloody Earth Pictures, I have yet to be very disappointed. These great companies have gone back to the back of the video store and found all those great indie movies from the 80s and 90s that have been out there, but most of us have missed. It’s really a great company and they’re doing a real service for the indie film community by getting these underappreciated movies out there in a new way. This time, they’ve brought us the cool 1997 movie, American Punks.

The story here is pretty good, Bobby is a punk and a loser, with a temper that you know will end up getting him in trouble. When one of Bobby’s friends is killed by a drug dealer, Bobby gets it in his head that it’s a rich yuppie and sets himself on a path of revenge. The problem is that Bobby is all talk and it ends up getting his friends in trouble and the trouble keeps getting worse and worse as the movie goes on. Part Clockwork Orange and part American History X, American Punks has a feel all it’s own, the acting is amazing for a low budget movie, even if the characters are all named for pop culture characters, so, while the acting is great, there’s something about the police detective involved being named John Holmes that really took me out of the movie.

American Punks is a really great gritty drama, with very little actual violence, this story of Bobby slowly unraveling due to his own anger issues, is like watching a car crash, you feel like you shouldn’t, but you can’t take your eyes off of it! American Punks gets a well deserved four out of four cigars, because it’s a cool movie that really deserves an audience. You can be part of that audience by heading over to the Bloody Earth Pictures web site, it’s well worth your time and money! So, until next time, when I’ll be controlling my own anger, remember that the best movies are bad movies.