Among the Insane: Inside The Asylum House (2007) – By Brian Morton

 When I first got this movie, I was expecting some kind of documentary about mental institutions. What I got was a doc about a different kind of mental institution…a haunted house! Among the Insane: Inside The Asylum House is a behind the scenes look at The Asylum House, Indiana’s premiere Halloween attraction.

Host (and co-owner) Patrick Greathouse takes us from the concept of The Asylum House through it’s ongoing building process. You see, every year, there’s new additions to the house, new actors and (according to Patrick and others who work there) the house is an ever-evolving thing. What Among the Insane offers that most of us never think of, is the work that goes into a haunted attraction of this size, from decorations, to actors, to props, to just the daily nuts and bolts of each work day, an attraction of this size is a yearly business, not just a one month project.

Among the Insane: Inside The Asylum House will make you wish that it was Halloween right now. It’ll make you wish you were close enough to spend every October night in the house, and it makes you wish that you too had a job Inside The Asylum House. Fortunately, there’s this doc, and the knowledge that October is only a few months away, and then you too can head down to be ‘Among the Insane’! You can find out more about this great doc by heading to the Liberty Or Death Productions website or, you can find out more about the house itself by heading to The Asylum House’s web page, either site is full of info on this annual attraction. I’m giving Among the Insane: Inside The Asylum House four out of four cigars, because it’s been years since I’ve been in a haunted attraction, but this made me want to find one that’s running today! So, until next time, when you’ll find me hanging cobwebs in my living room and carving my pumpkin, remember that the best movies are bad movies.