An Interview with Allison Lane – By Duane L. Martin

I’ve been acquainted with Allison Lane for several years now, ever since I reviewed her film WTFU that was based on a web series she does on her YouTube channel called The Morning Bitch.  She’s a wonderful person and a very talented actress who excels at using awkward situations and comments to get a laugh from the viewers.  This month, I had a chance to ask Allison all about what she’s been up to and what she’s currently got going on on her YouTube channel, which you can check out here:

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DLM: Let’s start out by having you tell us all a little bit about yourself and where you’re from.

AL: I grew up near Chicago, which is a hotbed of improv and dynamic, in-your-face, no-hold-barred theatre.  I love to laugh and I especially love to make others laugh. I think that is a gift Chicago gave me.

DLM: So before we talk about your YouTube channel and videos, tell us what you were doing before all of that.  How did you get started in the entertainment industry, and what sorts of things have you done along the way?

AL: As a little girl, I did every show possible. And I did lots of musicals – a ton of singing. But the first time I made an audience truly belly laugh… well, that was magic and the best feeling in the world. Performing dramatic roles is rewarding in a different way. But there’s something so special about comedy. After a ton of theatre credits, I transitioned into the world of film & TV, for which I discovered I have a deep passion. It’s strange, but I actually feel at home on a film set. Every part of it is fascinating. That’s when I started getting behind the camera as well.

DLM: Now six years ago you made you posted the first video on your YouTube channel, which was episode 1 of a long running web series called The Morning Bitch.  Tell us about the series and how it all came about.

AL: I once had to make an audition tape on extremely short notice with no access to any crew members. Out of necessity, I ended up wearing all the production hats myself, including writing it, and I found out that I had a great time being behind the camera too. I ended up posting the audition tape on YouTube and the damn thing ended up getting over 46,000 hits and is still one of my favorite comedy videos on my Channel. Its called “The Adult Film Voice-Over Artist” ( ).

Understanding that I liked the process so much, the next logical step was to create a web series so I sought to find characters and situations that would lend themselves to numerous episode ideas. My co-creator Chris Ritter and I brainstormed and landed on this following concept: Let’s take your typical sunny morning chat show and turn it upside down by making the two hosts horrible people who unwittingly say terrible things.  And thus, “The Morning Bitch” (aka “TMB”) was born.

DLM: What’s it like working with your co-star on that series, Wade Foster?  You two seem to have a really great chemistry that comes off as comically awkward much of the time.

AL: Wade is one of my favorite people in the world and he’s so hilarious on top of that. That makes me so happy that you like our chemistry!  I love hanging out with Wade and we sort of have a natural schtick and banter together. Chris noticed that chemistry one day over lunch and remarked “You and Wade should be a show”.  When the time came, Wade was the only option to play Hudson and Chris and I wrote “TMB” with him in mind.  Playing Patty Foster opposite Wade’s Hudson is just a joyous experience!

DLM: What’s your favorite episode of The Morning Bitch, and why?

AL: They are like my babies… I love them all, so its hard to pick one. I love me some of our original episodes like “Thanksgiving Day Parade” ( ) and “DIT – Dental Induced Tourettes”  ( ). But right now I am most proud of the recent episodes we just put out like “Sex Sandwich” ( ) and “Tycoon Tryst – How To Date A Millionaire” ( ).

DLM: Now The Morning Bitch actually led to a film called WTFU.  Tell us about that and how it all came together.

AL: My co-creator Chris and I were talking about the characters of Patty and Hudson and we asked ourselves “who would have hired these two idiots?” That got our brains churning. We knew we had to write the origin story of “TMB” and that we needed to expand its universe to include a lot of interesting characters. We based it at a fictional tv station called WTFU and it blossomed into a narrative pilot with a final running time of 22 minutes. We held no auditions as I had worked with so many talented actors during my years in New York City. “WTFU” is truly an ensemble show and we were so lucky to have the likes such an amazing group of actors to cast from.  We ended up getting some fantastic reviews for WTFU and were fortunate enough to win a bunch of awards at Film Festivals across the country, including:

BEST COMEDY PILOT (International Television Festival – Los Angeles, CA)

BEST ENSEMBLE (Houston International Comedy Festival)

BEST COMEDY SHORT (Illinois International Film Festival – Chicago, IL)

BEST ACTRESS (Allison Lane – International Television Festival – Los Angeles, CA)

BEST TELEVISION PILOT (Hoboken Internation Film Festival)

The whole WTFU experience was such a wonderful ride!  We only started production on “The Morning Bitch” again recently, when we decided to do this weekly YouTube channel with diverse comedy content called “See U Next Tuesday”.

DLM: You’ve been doing weekly comedy videos every Tuesday now on your channel, and several of the more recent ones have had you goofing on Gwynneth Paltrow.  What other celebrities do you think would be good targets for satire, and could we expect to see any videos on them in the near future?

AL: No one is safe with us on our weekly YouTube channel “See U Next Tuesday”! The fun thing about doing a weekly show is you can allow the fire of inspiration to hit you. That’s what happened with our ongoing episodes of “GLOOP! with Gwyneth Paltrow”. One day, I read about Gwyneth Paltrow discussing the joys of getting her vagina steamed and later that same day, we are writing and filming an episode about it.  That is how the episode “Gwyneth Paltrow’s Steaming Vagina” was born ( ).

DLM: Which videos on your channel are your favorites and why?

AL: Other than the ones previously talked about, I would have to mention the following just because they covered new ground and because they were so much fun to do.

“Sexist Action Figures” (episode 1) – – A macho Action Figure hits on a Barbie-doll in totally inappropriate ways. Need I say more?

“North Korea Tourism – Sony Hack” – – Kim Jong-Un is ridiculous and that whole Sony hacking debacle was ripe for the picking.  

 “Blythe Surprises Gwyneth” – – Andy Zeffer is hilarious in this, playing Gwyneth’s mom Blythe Danner.

“Boob Candy” – – Because it’s just so bizarre and came completely from an improvisation Chris did.

“The Walking Dead and Ebola” – – I am acting with myself in this episode. I play “The Corroborator” – a crazy Hollywood “Yes Woman”. I also play her co-worker.

DLM: Do you have any other web series ideas rolling around in your head that you might put into production at some point?

AL: One of the things I wanted to do with our YouTube channel “See U Next Tuesday” was to constantly be developing new ongoing webseries interspersed with new one-off comedy videos. So, rather than doing one traditional weekly webseries, we are constantly changing it up. You never know what 2 minute comedy video you will be getting every Tuesday! That’s part of the fun!  

In terms of other web series… you never know when a new character or series will fly out of our crazy heads and onto the screen! You just have to watch and see!

DLM: Now aside from your YouTube channel, you do a lot of movie work as well.  Tell us about some of your favorite roles, as well as what you’re working on currently.

AL: There’s a lot to be thankful for. I played a serious role on “Criminal Minds” (CBS) and also starred in the feature film “Going Down In LA-LA Land” for which I won the Iris Prize BEST ACTRESS (Cardiff, Wales). Since, it’s on Netflix, it’s a boon as it helps connect me to an additional fan base, I also just wrapped a co-starring role in the film noir mystery feature “Kiss Me Kill Me” (which I also co-produced). I also have a feature film comedy “The Homewrecker” in the hopper that we will be co-producing later this year ( ).

DLM: Where can people check out your YouTube channel, and where else can they find you on the web?

AL: You can click here to subscribe to the channel:

You can check out the full channel here:

You can also follow Allison:


DLM: Is there anything else you’d like to mention before we wrap this up?

AL: I hope you all visit the “See U Next Tuesday” YouTube channel and SUBSCRIBE!  We have so much great content coming out in the weeks and months to come. If you subscribe, you won’t miss a single episode! We also have over 60 videos already on the channel – so you can binge watch anytime!  

Looking forward to hearing from what we hope is an ever-expanding fan base of exceptionally fun and crazy people.