An Interview with Blair Bathory of Fear Haus – By Kirsten Walsh

“Fear Haus” began as a cutesy idea featuring Blair Bathory as a horror hostess, bringing to light an awesome area of indie film- the short horror film. Specializing in showcasing films under twenty minutes, Blair bookends each film with some cheesy, spooky banter that is reminiscent of a flesh and blood Cryptkeeper or a younger, more modern Elvira. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Blair’s idea has already blossomed into something far more than just some toss out jokes and some quick editing. After a campaign that was headed up on Facebook, Fear Haus successfully garnered over 500 subscribers (this project just started this Summer), and now is able to obtain a private youtube url for itself (which is still in process), which makes it easier to market. Blair Bathory, the persona, has also blown up, as “Fear Haus” and the hostess were asked by the Spooky Empire horror film festival to have her become the festival director for the 2015 season. She took some time out of her studio time and planning for the festival to fill Rogue Cinema in on what it took to get her where she is.

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