An Interview With Bobby Peoples – By Duane L. Martin

Bobby Peoples is a new filmmaker who’s focusing on creating urban style independent films in a variety of genres. I recently interviewed Bobby about his new film Ghost Writer: Hell’s Property and asked him what it was like making and releasing his first film. Here’s what he had to say…

Lookin' like a young version of Grady from Sanford and Son.Let’s start out by having you tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well, I’m a filmmaker with big dreams of becoming the next Roger Corman.

You’re a new film maker. At what point did you decide to start making films, and what difficulties did you run across before you actually got started? Did you have to convince people that you were really serious about doing it or did they all just trust that you knew what you wanted to do and that you were going to make it happen?

I’ve always wanted to be in entertainment. I started off wanting to be a rapper. I was somewhat good at it, but no big money was in my future I thought, so I just started thinking about movies and how I could make them. I got lucky enough to get a few PA jobs, paid PA jobs, and I just watched everything the director was doing and copied what I saw them do.

Now that you’ve completed and released your first film, how’s it feel to actually be done with it and know it’s out there for people to see?

It feels good, can’t wait to do another and another one.

It’s gotta be scary making a film and actually sending copies out to reviewers. Obviously some reviewers will like it and some will hate it, as that’s the nature of reviews. I always feel bad when I see reviewers go out of their way to be mean spirited, but there are those people out there that aren’t happy unless they’re trying to make themselves look cool by making someone else look or feel bad. Do you feel like you’ll be ok at dealing with any potentially mean-spirited reviews?

I’m cool with it. To be honest I’m looking for it so i can make the next one better. So they can see me get better and better as a filmmaker.

Ghost Writer: Hell’s Property is a story about a possessed laptop. Where did the idea come from, and how do you feel the original idea differed from the final product?

It came out how i wrote it. Actually it came out a little better ’cause I was writting some scenes as I was doing it, which I will not do again. But I think I did a good job. Why? What do you think? lol

There’s a little running joke in there about people calling it a Compaq and then being corrected that it’s actually an HP laptop, and then one of the characters makes the comment that HP stands for Hell’s Property. Is that a little inside joke there? Have you had a bad experience with a Compaq or HP laptop that made you throw that in there?

NO, Not at all the HP came in handy when coming up with the name though. Hell’s Property. lol

Who were all the people in this film? Are they friends of yours or did you put out an ad for actors? Were you happy with the job everyone did, and are you planning on using any or all of them in your next film?

I put a ad out for actors. All of them were first time actors. I did use family as well. My wife Tonya is in it, and the kids you see in the film are mine as well. I will work with all of these people again. Well, maybe not my wife. No, just joking. Much love goes to her.

It's the gangsta rap devil!Any funny or nightmarish stories from the production?

Getting my wife to say, “Hi Frances. I just came by to see how you was doing.” That line took forever to get right, and to be honest, it may not still be right. lol

You already have another film in the works. Tell us what that one’s about and when you’d like to see it finished and released.

The next film is called “For Thy Love.” It’s an urban love drama that focuses on a family and the meaning of the word love and how it applies to how they feel about one another.

What did you learn from this first production, on technical, directorial, or personal level that you feel will make your next film better?

Get a dp. I will get more cover shots next time around and grip up on my sound.

You’re focusing on making urban style films. Do you think this will limit your audience or do you feel like your movies can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone?

I hope not. I think my messages will be universal.

What kinds of films can we expect to see from you in the future? Are you planning any comedies or horror films or anything like that?

I want to touch on every genre, and then start all over again.

Is there anything else going on with you that you’d like to talk about before we wrap this up?

Visit my website at and get a copy of the film. Support indie filmmakers. Not just me but all of us.