An Interview with Brian Metcalf and Thomas Ian Nicholas – By Kirsten Walsh

Writer/director Brian A. Metcalf (“Fading of the Cries”) has a new horror/drama film “The Lost Tree,” which stars Thomas Ian Nicholas (“American Pie,” “American Reunion,” “The Rules of Attraction”), Michael Madsen (“Reservoir Dogs,” “Kill Bill: Vol. 1,” “Kill Bill: Vol. 2”), Lacey Chabert (“Mean Girls,” “Party of Five”), Scott Grimes (“Robin Hood,” “American Dad”) and Clare Kramer (“Bring It On,” “The Rules of Attraction”).

In the world of film, a multi-talented person is often referred to as a “threat”. In the interview I recently had a chance to do with Brian Metcalf and Thomas Ian Nicholas of “The Lost Tree”, it is easy to see why many people think that. Metcalf is not only a talented writer and director, but also a visual effects artist who has edited his own films, including 2010’s “Fading of the Cry” (also produced by Nicholas) and the upcoming thriller, “The Lost Tree”. Nicholas, known mostly for his comedic roles in the “American Pie” franchise, not only has undertaken the dramatic lead role, but he also was a producer on this film.

As Nicholas states in the interview, a producer must be able to come up with quick solutions, and be able to adapt to crazy situations, and both were a great joy to converse with. Acting since he was a child, Nicholas has been featured in hits such as “Rookie of the Year”, “American Pie”, and “Rules of Attraction”, but primarily has played the guy with the big smile. “The Lost Tree” will be among his first leading dramatic roles, and rightly so.

Check out this Rogue Cinema first- a casual conversation with writer / director Brian Metcalf and lead actor / producer Thomas Ian Nicholas, and head over to their FaceBook to see their recently released trailer and film release information.  The trailer for the film can be viewed here.



Kirsten Walsh interviews Brian Metcalf and Thomas Ian Nicholas. from Rogue Cinema on Vimeo.