An Interview with Cindy McDonald – By Baron Craze


Cindy McDonald returns for a second interview for the readers of Rogue Cinema, further discussing her many acting roles and other reflections in her ever-changing career.

BC: It has been almost 2-years since Rogue Cinema last had the great opportunity to interview you what has been the most exciting change in your life since then?

CM: I’ve had a lot of fun projects since we last interviewed and I always appreciate any work that comes my way!  I would have to say I’ve changed in being more selective in my works.  It’s fun to do as much work as possible but I’m more particular in what I choose to do. I believe that maturity also has a lot to do with the choices.  We all reach a point of change mentally.

BC: You were Rogue Cinema’s July 2015 Sleepover Girl how did you feel about that, the labeling and featuring of yourself under that title?

CM: I enjoyed the honor of being selected.  It was like being selected as a pinup for Rogue!

BC: According to your resume, you have done your own stunts from time to time, how did that first come about? Any fears or stunt you won’t do too the risks?

CM: I first started doing some stunt work in a friends independent film.  I work out and as long as you are in good physical shape it’s worth a try!  It was not difficult but then each film is different.  I was recently in the motion picture Mom & Dad coming out this year and it required running the length of a football field several times in 90 degree heat.  There are some times when a stunt coordinator will work you before filming begins on motion picture work.  It’s really cool!

BC: You have worked in many film genres, but namely the horror genre more so, what is about this genre that you like more? Or is it just the roles offered to you that tend to be more focus to this genre?

CM: I love horror films!  It seems I do get involved a lot that genre but I enjoy working in other categories as well.  I have worked on some faith based films one which will be completed this year called The Promise which stars Dallas alum Ken Kercheval.  Secretariat was a family motion picture and was produced by Disney and it was so much fun to be in.  I apply for a variety of roles on a non stop basis and flexibility is always the key to success!

BC: What is your opinion on the Horror genre as being too violent and women’s roles advances from the scream queen to writing and directing them?

CM: I suppose the general public might feel some films are too violent but honestly I don’t think about it.  It’s telling a story.  I was recently in the independent film Captive Audience and portrayed a woman who was kidnapped with her daughter.  It is a film based on true events.  I know we like to close our eyes to evils of the world but unfortunately bad things happen.  Scream queens rock!  I mean who better else than a gal who already knows the ins and outs of the horror genre to write and produce and most know special effects makeup as well.  It’s always best if you have experience in something before you produce.

BC: Do you have any aspirations to direct or write a script? (After all you have been an actress, producer and stunt-woman)

CM: I do have interests in both writing and directing and have some directing credits.  The reason I haven’t mainly is because I have been busy working in acting and modeling and also pageantry.  I have a background in journalism and love to write.  I can remember as a young girl writing my own scripts and characters so it’s something I was just meant to be involved with all the way around!

BC: What is the most difficult role you have ever portrayed in? Most thrilling?

CM: I have been fortunate and can’t say that I’ve had a role that I felt was difficult mainly because I just love to act.  Difficulty is always good though as it puts you in situations that makes you grow as an actor.  All of the films I’ve worked on have been exciting as they are all different but I would have to say the recent motion picture I was in Mom & Dad was cool as I got to work in the final scenes with Selma Blair.  Be sure to look for me!

BC: How do you balance all the projects, promotions and activities your active in?

CM: I have been able to find a happy balance between all of my projects pretty easily as I love doing them all.  I have worked around 4800 modeling promotions since 2002-that’s somewhere around 100 a year.  I do that type of work between acting and other modeling.  It keeps me grounded for sure. I just always move forward and push towards my dreams on a daily basis no matter what!

BC: What is your advice to the aspiring actresses that might suffer depression when they realize it all hard work to achieve their dreams?

CM: I have always been honest with everyone who has ever asked me about show business. It has its ups and downs with no guarantees.  It’s a flip of the coin it seems like in many ways. If you keep at it and don’t give up you are already a winner no matter what.  I never wanted to be a person who looked back on my life and wondered “what if”.  I put both feet in.  It is competitive and many times not fair but that’s what intrigues people.  There is no way to say you can make a million or even a buck in the business-just no guarantee.

BC: Your favorite genre both as actress and viewer, and why?

CM: I like all types of films.  Once you are filmed you never know if your scenes will be kept or cut honestly so I find it exciting to work in all categories-drama, comedy, horror of course.  I’m always honored to work in general.

BC: What projects do you have on the horizon?

CM: I have about 3 to 4 independent films coming up plus other projects. In the business you can’t predict what castings are going to come up next.  It’s the excitement of the not knowing that keeps me pumped!

BC: If you had to use 25-words (at the max) to sum-up who you are and what you do what would those words be?

CM: I am a believer and an optimist.  I don’t give up no matter what is thrown at me and that’s what makes me successful.

BC: Any social media information?


Thanks – Baron Craze