An Interview with Cindy McDonald – By Kirsten Walsh

Cindy McDonald has put in her time in the film industry. With heavy hitting roles in a variety of films, Cindy has truly made her mark on cinema history. She recently sat down with Rogue Cinema to touch on some of her favorite moments, and what makes a good actress!

KW: With your extensive work onscreen and in various other mediums, do you find it hard to transition back and forth? What are the benefits in being involved in more than one medium?

CM: It’s fairly easy to go back and forth in both fields after many years of experience. It’s also very exciting to get a new job/opportunity in either. It gets in your blood after you first get started in the talent business. A lot of famous actors were models before they got their big break. The camera experience that you gain from modeling helps a great deal in acting because you learn what angles you look best and you become efficient in your skills interacting with others. It’s good to stay involved with both fields if possible and not limit yourself. There is no such thing as too much PR.

KW: Your resume boasts a healthy amount of films across the genres, and all done while not living in Los Angeles. Did you ever consider moving there? Do you think your career in film would have been the same?

CM: There are a good deal of movies being made in the Midwest in both independent and Motion picture levels. There are many states that get film incentives. It’s a good place to work on your resume and enhance your skills. I have no way to know really if I would have worked much in just the LA market but I’ve been fortunate to have as long as I have no matter what with my skills in the talent business.

KW: Your work with Eminence magazine was as a beauty editor and speaking to the self-esteem of young women. How important do you think this is for young women who aspire to be actresses in today’s society?

CM: Social media has really enhanced young adults as they are constantly looking or comparing themselves to classmates or celebrities. It’s disturbing to see how bullying has become such a problem as well. It’s more important now than ever that we express that life isn’t just about looks but instead skills and intelligence. I get upset each time I see where a teen has committed suicide due to being bullied. It’s important to really just be you and not to worry about what others say. It’s ok to be different!

KW: With your film career picking up recently, how do you get the work? How many auditions do you do a week? Do you think that modern day technology makes it easier to get roles around the country/ globe?

CM: I get work mainly through the works of social media and posted castings. But most definitely it is easier to find work due to the internet. I also started out working in the business as a casting assistant so I remember doing everything by hand which included filing and calling! The internet makes it 100 percent more efficient to audition for work- in fact that’s what a lot of agents prefer.  It also cuts down on travel expenses by auditioning online. I’m also signed with close to 50 different promotional companies which email me and let me know job and product openings. I pick and choose which I want to work and the locations.

KW: What was your favorite project you worked on?

CM: I love each project that I have been selected to be in as they are all different and unique. 

I have to say one of my most favorites was when I was selected to be in an independent film in Nashville. I didn’t really know what I submitted for, but then when I arrived, I found out it a film with Val Kilmer!  It was such a once in a lifetime experience to see his talent. He was working in the project at the time for a film friend of his in Nashville and we all had a chance to interact with him. The film is called “The Fourth Dimension” (2012).

My second choice would be when I was a featured extra in “Secretariat” (2010) starring Diane Lane.  My 70’s outfit was a hoot!

KW: Can you talk a little about the Catwoman project that you are involved with? How do you think it will do once released with the current female superhero backlash going on from the “Avengers” film?

CM: I finished filming “Catwoman: Heart of Gotham” in April. It was a blast to be able to play the role! We had a small but fun group to work with and it was very enjoyable. It was really done for fun primarily. I loved it and hope to do more projects like it in the future. I honestly don’t pay attention to criticisms of other films or even myself really. I don’t compare my projects to others.

KW: On your website, you give a true definition of the term “model”. What would you consider to be the true definition of the term “actress”?

CM: A true definition to me of being an actress is being able to maintain your role by being natural with your voice and skill. One way to state it is-remember when you were a little girl playing pretend with your dolls? It’s a natural process and you don’t want to force your lines. It’s like communicating with a friend or family member without being nervous only you are in front of the camera/screen and directors. A true actress should be able to take the role and own it every step of the way on all levels. It’s also important to enjoy it!

KW: So you’ve worked in a variety of genres. What is your favorite genre to work in/ see yourself in? What would your dream role be?

CM: I have worked on 23 film projects and TV shows to date and they all have been fun!  I guess I would have to say I’d like to work on more projects with Disney.  They are such a diverse company and produce so many different projects. I enjoyed being in “Secretariat” and watching their staff work. I love modeling and would to work as long as I can in both fields but would love to see my name in a motion picture credit. A dream role for me would be to get a speaking role of some type alongside a famous actor.

KW: What would be your advice to those who are interested in acting/ modeling/ pageantry work?

CM: My advice would be to never quit. I know when I first started out it wasn’t easy and you have to learn rejection. Show business is a field where simply not everyone is going to like you. It’s just a fact. In society today you have to learn to love yourself no matter what and not take it personally. I know it’s really hard as a young adult to feel that way as there is so much pressure from everyone but you just have to separate yourself from others who aren’t your friends or fans. It can be a very lonely life. I’m not going to sugarcoat it.

KW: What projects can we see you in currently and what projects do you have coming up?

CM: The projects I have out right now are “Catwoman: Heart of Gotham” and I’m in pre-production on another horror film project which begins filming in July called “Demons Lair”.  I’ve got several other modeling projects coming up in the fall such as being a runway model in Chicago for the Live Out Loud Charity and Tiara Magazine where I am representing the publication as a Brand Ambassador winner for 2015.

You can check out more about Cindy and her constantly moving career on her website: