An Interview With Darian Caine – By Brian Morton

 If you haven’t heard of Darian Caine then you must be living under a rock or maybe you’re just blind, because not only is Darian one of the busiest and ‘in demand’ actresses in the business today, but she’s also one of the hottest ladies ever to be filmed…in my never to be humble opinion.

This Massachusetts native began her modeling career in 1997 and seemingly hasn’t looked back, except to maybe keep a cautious eye on all the guys who are always back there checking her out. She’s been in over 40 movies as of this writing including: The Lord Of The G-Strings; Satan’s School For Sluts; Playmate Of The Apes and Sexual Confessions (which is reviewed in this very issue) and too many other genre features to mention here. I got the rare chance to chat with Darian (which now makes me the envy of all the other male staffers here at Rogue Cinema) and found her to be nice, honest, funny and someone to definitely keep our eyes on…for more than the obvious reasons.

BM – What led you into the business?

DC – I was bored with extra work on TV shows and regular print work. I have always been a sexual person. Erotica just felt right.

BM – You’re very comfortable with your body (and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be!!) but did you have any qualms with being nude on film at first?

DC – I have never had a problem being nude. Even as a child I wanted to take my shirt off in the summer like the rest of the boys in my family. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t. When I shoot photos I am much more relaxed when I get naked.

BM – You’re a huge horror fan. What have you seen lately that you really thought was cool?

DC – I absolutely loved the "Devil’s Rejects" I saw in twice in the theatre. I picked it up as soon as it came out on DVD. I was very impressed by the "House of Wax" remake.

BM – You’ve been in more than 40 movies, any great behind-the-scenes stories you’d like to share?

DC – This is a difficult one. I know the readers want to hear some sexy stories but really it’s quite professional on the set. I don’t have much down time on the films. My favorite behind the scene was on "Erotic Survivor" Building a giant fire. It was pouring rain and we had to drag tree branches and logs from the woods to make the fire.

 BM – Alright, stupid question, what’s the strangest thing that’s been requested of you at a convention?

DC – Well, there is not much that I think is strange being in this business. Maybe others will think this is strange. I have been asked to strangle people in a photo. I have been asked if someone could hold me above their head in a photo.

BM – Which is your favorite genre of film to work in?

DC – I love horror but I have a very goofy personality. So I would have to say I really enjoy the comedy.

BM – What’s on tap for the future?

DC – I am working on bringing my own Fantasy stories to life. My first film "My pleasures" was like a tester to see how my own stuff would do. Ei Cinema’s afterhours picked it up for distribution, and then FYE picked it up. I would say it’s doing well. I have so many fantasy stories that I have written through out the years. My next one will be Darian’s dream fantasy. I am still in pre-production. I have the locations and the layout. Finding the right women to work with is difficult.

BM – You bring a lot of humor to your roles, who are your role models in film?

DC – My personality is goofy. I am just being myself.

BM – Of all your own movies, do you have a favorite?

DC – "Mistress of Frankenstein" has always been my fav. Presently I would have to add "Sensual Incantations"; Purgatory Films and "Kinky Kong"; Seduction Cinema.

So there you can see Darian Caine is a lady with her head firmly on her shoulders, without taking herself too seriously, a multi-talented actress who’s definitely going places! If you’re interested in her, then you can check her out at here personal site Darian, or over at her more genre oriented site, Dark Side Of Darian, both sites are pretty nice and you can see what Darian’s up to and, strictly as a reporter here, there’s a ton of pictures of this very very attractive young lady! Darian Caine is not only one of today’s hottest scream queens, but she’s also a talented writer/performer who we’ll, no doubt, be seeing and hearing more from.