An Interview with Debbie Rochon – By Nic Brown

 Anyone who tries to keep up with actress/filmmaker Debbie Rochon is going to have a tough time of it. Even sitting down signing autographs at a convention, Debbie looks busy. Making notes and talking with fellow filmmakers about up coming projects when the crowd dies down, Debbie doesn’t seem to stop moving. That doesn’t stop her from talking to fans though, and she makes time to speak with everyone who comes by her table. In fact when two young girls (both about 12 years old) are shy about asking for an autograph, Debbie offers them a chance to have a picture done with her as well. It’s all part of her charm as she makes each fan feel special.

During one of the rare moments of quite during her time at the convention, Debbie grabs a much needed cup of coffee and sits down with Nic Brown to talk about her newest films and all the things that keep filmmaker Debbie Rochon one of the hardest working women in the horror business.

*   *   *

Nic— Debbie, you’re looking great today, how are you doing?

Debbie— Nic, I’m doing great today and it’s so good to see you again.

Nic— Thanks! It’s great to see you here at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors. Can you tell us about some of the projects that you’re promoting here at the convention?

Debbie— I’m here with Psychosomatika starring Jeff Dillon Graham, Brinke Stevens and Lynn Lowry. It is such an amazing, original, completely unique film and I’m extremely happy to part of it. I’ve also been talking about Fear Makers and we’ve had panels for both films this weekend.

Something I’m not out here for, but that I’m really excited about, is Colour From The Dark, which is based on H. P. Lovecraft’s “Color From Outer Space” and I shot that in Italy. It’s directed by Ivan Zukon and that film kicks some butt! I’m really proud of all three films and excited to have a slew of movies coming out that are all really, really good! It’s a nice feeling because sometimes you make movies and they all don’t turn out that well, but I’ve seen at least pieces of all of these and they’re all great films.

Nic— When will we be able to see some of these features?

Debbie—Well, Psychosomatika is still being edited so I don’t have a date on that one. Fear Makers is complete and I’m sure we’ll be looking for distribution and playing at festivals very soon. Colour From The Dark is going to be done in May and its going to premiere in New York at an Indy Theater and at the Cannes Film Festival.

Nic—So, are you going to Cannes for the premiere?

Debbie—I think I am, but I’m not 100% sure about that yet. But, if I can swing my schedule then I will absolutely be at Cannes. It’s a really big deal and all the filmmakers from that movie are going to be there.

 Nic—Talking about Fear Makers, I understand that it was filmed in Germany, is that correct?

Debbie—Yeah we filmed it in Germany about an hour north of Hanover, where the director Timo Rose lives. Joe Davidson was in Fear Makers with me along with a lot of really talented German actors. That film is a great ghost story. It’s more of a serious film than some of the stuff Timo’s done before in the sense that there is a lot of character development. Of course there’s a lot of gore in it, but his previous films have had a lot of gore without as much story, so this is a nice turn for him and it has really come out well. He’s also a fantastic special effects artist and editor so he’s a very serious threat, but in a good way! (Laughs) I just got a copy of it and I’ve seen all kinds of pieces of it and it’s complete. I haven’t had a chance to see the whole film yet, but every single person who’s seen it, and who would tell me the truth by the way, (laughs) thinks it’s a really solid, good film and I’m happy to add it to my slate of films that I’m proud to have coming out.

Nic— Debbie, you are such an extremely prolific filmmaker, how many films have you done in the past year?

Debbie—Boy in the last year… that’s a tough one. I’ve probably worked on about ten films and been the lead in three. There are so many. I already mentioned Psychosomatika, Fear Makers and Colour From The Dark. I helped out on Night Scream. I’m not actually in it, but I worked as kind of an acting coach on it. There’s For Christ’s Sake which is a scientific film about bringing Christ back through DNA which is awesome. I also did Dead End a zombie comedy with Linnea Quigley. One called Dog that I shot in Michigan and one called Beg that I shot in Boston and Chainsaw Cheerleaders that I shot in Georgia. So at least ten movies.

Nic—Wow! You are a busy filmmaker.

Debbie—Oh! I don’t want to forget, I also did Savaged and I had the lead in that film. In fact it’s sort of like a one woman show, almost like a play in some ways. It’s a fantastic movie that I did down in Florida.

Nic—Aside from making movies, have you been doing any writing recently?

Debbie—Yeah I’m writing all the time! I write for every issue of “Sirens of Cinema” as well as “Scars” magazine. I just had an article come out in the “Phantom of the Movies Video Scope” and on top of all that I’m working on my book. It’s an autobiography and it’s a pretty long, drawn out process, but in a positive way. I’m taking a couple of years to write it. I’m not doing a fast track on that, I’m taking my time and doing it right. And of course I work on “Fangoria” and do my show on “Fangoria Radio” so I’m just crazy busy and I’m always about five weeks behind schedule on every single thing that I do.