An Interview with Dwight Cenac – By Kirsten Walsh

In the late 2000’s, word got out to Star Wars fans everywhere that George Lucas was seriously considering financing a Star Wars TV show. From out of nowhere, filmmakers hustled and bustled to create pitches to post. Dwight Cenac, a filmmaker in Florida, decided to take that one step further and create a serious pitch for Lucas. “The Renaissance Chronicles: Sandrima Rising” was born, and would transform a production studio in Jacksonville into the world of Star Wars. Producing, directing, writing, and acting in what would be his debut feature; Cenac pushed the limits of what independent filmmaking could really do. He actually purchased a landspeeder! However, due to a high level of special effects and a lack of funds (the original budget was over $50,000), the film still sits in the post-production phase. Cenac has not given up on it, but he is realistic about it. “It was a good experience, but there are some things you have to just learn from them, suck it up, and move on.”

Cenac did move on from it, right into working with a director from Tampa, Florida- Joe Davison. Working as a team, these two put together “Experiment 7”, a horror film which would later be released on DVD. Davison, inspired by the high collaboration, organized investors and began pre-production on “As Night Falls”. Cenac produced and acted in the film, which would find its success almost two years after production.

Cenac currently has two short films in post production, “Kitty, Kitty” and “The Wingmen”, which are both set to be released in 2013. Check out the interview to hear how Cenac has been able to carve out a niche in the independent film world for himself when originally, everyone told him “NO”.



Kirsten Walsh interviews film maker Dwight Cenac. from Rogue Cinema on Vimeo.