An Interview with Festival Director Jon Henderson – By Baron Craze

Jon Henderson is the creator the newest horror convention in New Jersey and sweeping the nation in a whirlwind of attention. This brief interview is part one of two with the director and founder of Bizarre AC. A name that is truly unique and takes everything that contains elements of oddities, freakish and combines them into a glittering waltz of temptation for all horror fans in enjoy.

As is with most horror conventions this one too has the vendors’ tables, the horror icons and yet adds another level with zombies, costumes, and wild dishes found in the Bizarre Bites section, all held at the Tropicana, in Atlantic City on December 13 – 15. Yes, that is right, the premiere of this Frankenstein Creation, stakes itself to a Friday the 13, with the appearance of the true Jason Voorhees – Kane Hodder and all setting a eerie time for a new version of the 12 days to Christmas. However to all horror fans, Christmas and the Holidays is not just a time of carols and gift giving, but so many horror theme movies bloodstain the wintery scene and snow, such as Black Christmas (1974), Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), to the recent Caesar and Otto’s Deadly Xmas (2012) and so many more.

This brief interview occurred, as Jon, hurried to the LA Airport, after securing more attention, and talent for his new horror convention, is taking a joyful toll on Jon, hence without further delay…

*   *   *

Baron Craze: How did you come up the name Bizarre AC?

Jon Henderson: I was walking on boardwalk in Atlantic City with a friend and came across a blue dog (dyed blue) and thought that was bizarre then I thought what if there was an bizarre AC – come on the name, would be perfect – has a dark twist to it above & beyond the norm. That’s always fun.

BC: What is your Goal to having this event?

JH: I’m looking to build annual event, for the fans and industry. This convention is not my first I have been responsible for other expos such music, seafood, tattoo etc…
Jon’s company Good Time Tricycle Productions, brings the expos and conventions to his beloved Atlantic City, this new event marks his third festival/ expo since September, first the Atlantic City Seafood Festival, then Atlantic City Tattoo Expo called, “Drawin’ the Wild Card” (tends to lend to the bizarre and that’s generally to those outside the arena for the ink fetish.

BC: Why the December 13? A Concern for bad weather?

JH: Historically weather isn’t bad in December, but likely just jinx myself. [laughter] I wanted to do it at a time, when there’s not many other festivals and conventions, let alone all the activities that occur [ghost tours and haunted houses] AC doesn’t do that many shows, at that time of the year– it’s 12 days before Christmas and they like it starts on Friday the 13th. Our competition is over, at this point of the year, a good time to launch is now, especially with a new horror convention. We are able to bring together many horror film celebrities, and then attract a good likeminded crowd [horror fans] because there’s nothing like this going on in December.

BC: Why the Tropicana Casino & Resort?

JH: They, Trop, were open to new entertainment options and they never had a horror expo, but know of the market and understand it, the horror fans are loyal, dedicated why not. They [Tropicana] really great for our tattoo expo and they thought this would be perfect, so much that Bizarre AC acquired and secured a venue with them for next three years.

BC: Is there a hostess, many of the horror conventions and festival have one?

JH: There are tons of famous people going plus I’m pulling people from our other expos to help run it but there’s no particular host or hostess, really allowing just lots of freedom to the horror fans, they know the deal at one of these.

BC: Are you a Horror Fan and if yes who are you seeking to meet the most?

JH: Oh, yes, I am a Horror fan and I’m looking forward to meeting Michael Berryman. But really we have and I think we have a great guest list and is very excited for all of the support, just got our 3000th like on Facebook, that is really cool, along many tweets.

BC: One thing about the bizarre ac to take away?

JH: have a great time, buy great stuff, a golden time to find a horror fan that special item [a golden box, which opens new doorways] meet great people and just have lots of fun.

BC: Thanks for your time, have a safe flight, see you at the convention!

The Bizarre AC occurs on December 13 to 15 with admission of $20 for one-day pass and $30 for two-day and $40 for all three days, however there extra costs for the attending of Bizarre Bites, a variation of Fear Factor series. In addition, a Costume Contest, so hopefully, kiddies and fiends you did take precious care of the Halloween costumes. A selected few films to show with live Q&A’s afterwards, such as Zombie Strippers, Return to Nuke ‘em High Volume 1 (Lloyd Kaufman), and Heather Langenkamp’s I Am Nancy.

So do join Jon, and the horror stars, Doug Bradley, Kane Hodder, Tony Todd and Bill Moseley and so many more at the Bizarre AC, where part two of this article will continue and conclude.