An Interview with Jason Croot – By Misty Lane

MML: You’re hard at work on the follow up to your film Le Fear – Le Fear II: Le Sequel. Can you take a moment to remind the readers about your film Le Fear, a mockumentary and what it was about?

JC: Hello, Rouge Cinema readers I made Le Fear my feature film directorial debut in 2009, Le Fear is a film within a film similar to Living in Oblivion, the concept basically follows the world’s worst filmmaker Carlos Revalos who hires the most incompetent bunch of cast and crew to walk on this planet which leads to explosive consequences, your readers can watch it free on vimeo

MML: How does Le Fear II: Le Sequel follow the first? Does it use the same actors, is it an extension or is it a follow up to the original?

JC: Le Fear II is a standalone film the only connection is Carlos Revalos played by Kyri Saphiris that and it is another film within film mockumentry genre however there is a lot more substance and storyline to the sequel, this time Carlos put his own cash into the film expecting huge production value promised by South African Sales agent/ Executive producer Dirk Heinz played by Andrew Tiernan {300} when Carlos arrives to the film set he is met by Nollywood producer Efi who is no doubt 100 times more incompetent than Carlos himself the film, there conflict is explosive, we have a very strong cast and a lot more narrative than the original and I’m stick my neck out and say 100 times stronger than the original.

MML: When can fans expect to see Le Fear II: Le Sequel?

JC: The film is deep in post-production and I would love to give a date but can’t confirm it yet what I can say is one of Hollywood’s leading Producers and directors reviewed snippets his words ‘Hilarious I loved it’ this film really wet’s my appetite and excites me of the prospect of the success of the film and of course has my mind working overtime for Le Fear III and maybe more!!!???

MML: You’ve also completed a film called Meeting Place. How did that film come about?

JC: I collaborated with another filmmaker on this film we have since then parted ways but the film was handed to me to finish off and get out there

MML: In Meeting Place, you utilized actors playing more than one character often in conversation with themselves, which I found to be utterly intriguing. Why did you choose to go this route?

JC: We wanted to create an original film, we experimented giving full creative control to the actors, I believe they did a fine job, creating a real mixture of scenes which I enjoyed directing and not knowing what the actors created; hopefully the viewers will enjoy the final cut.

MML: It also appeared as though Meeting Place was mostly, if not completely, improvised by the actors (an impressive feat considering the amount of dialogue and going ons!). Was there an outline of a script or did you just give the actors the very general backgrounds of their characters?

JC: It was 100% improvised and yes they did a sterling job the only outline given to them was to create the conversation between 2 characters played by themselves and no longer than 5 minutes long, all the creative input was by the cast we just filmed there creation it worked a treat cutting between the scenes where there was 2 actors played by 2 people giving a general café feel.

MML: You seem to have done something similar in Le Fear with allowing actors to improvise freely. What has inspired you to use this method in your films?

JC: Since making Le Fear, I have made, Meeting Place, Demons and Doors, Le Fear II and Roberto{which I’m still filming} I love improvisation and fortunately I have worked with some excellent actors that are great at impro the likes of Kyri Saphiris, Leila Reid, Denise Moreno, Claudia Coulter and Victoria Hopkins to name a few, In Le Fear and Le Fear II: Le Sequel I basically wrote the scenes{no dialogue} and gave each actor their characters a couple of months prior to filming they then developed them, I bring all actors together and we shoot it often giving us extra long scenes but the beauty is the comedy created out of the actors ad lib on the spot, I sometimes hold up cue cards prompting actors to do certain things such as kiss, slap for example often with only one actor seeing the cue cards which creates even more magic that only improvisation can give, Meeting Place is a lot more structured and only one location the same as Demons and Doors.

MML: What have been some of your difficulties or obstacles in getting Meeting Place and Le Fear II: Le Sequel done? (If any)

JC: The only real difficulty with both films and all my films is the extra long post production editing process the only really downside to improvised films in my opinion.

MML: What’s next for you project wise? Will you keep directing or will you be acting? What’s upcoming?

JC: I love Directing and always looking to direct more films, Acting is where it all started and I tick away by doing around 12 productions a year on average, I do produce films also, I have recently been given the co-producer role and acting roles in 3 of Lorenzo Raveggi’s Italian feature films working alongside some excellent actors, the first Film set in Tuscany 15th century and modern times called’ The Secret of Botticelli’ is due to start filming in January 2013 we are filming on the epic red camera 4k, all seems to be going well and I’m looking forward to working on this and the other 2 films ‘Vespucci’ & ‘Niccolò Machiavelli il Principe della politica’. I have 3 more of my own films I’d like to shoot also if I can raise the budgets so that should keep me busy alongside any acting I can manage to find.

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